Quinte Rodeo

Quinte Rodeo...


by Festival Correspondent, Judi “Scoop” McWilliams


When Marty Cousins of the Quinte Exhibition mentioned “Rodeo” , we immediately jumped at the opportunity to ask him if he wanted this event covered by Ontario Visited. We were in! Two days later, we were off to Belleville, to the Quinte Exhibition Fairgrounds and the Quinte Rodeo! We arrived just in time for the rodeo activities to start. The day had been rainy. However, the clouds were welcomed, as they kept the hot hot sun away. Unfortunately the benches in the grandstands were still a little wet. We had brought our seat cushions, but, they didn’t keep the wet out and our cushions and clothe became damp! No worries, the Quinte Rodeo keep our minds so occupied we soon didn’t even notice the dampness! The show started with the precision riding of the Canadian Cowgirls. The Cowgirls had formed up outside the ring and came galloping through the opening with the Canadian flags that they were holding flowing through the air. It was a spectacular opening. Soon the Cowgirls were replaced by the many Rodeo events ~ Cowboys riding bucking horses; Cowboys roping calves; Cowboys trying to catch cows and wrestle them to the ground and Bull Riding. In most cases, the animals won! Cowgirls races around barrels, some knocked the barrels over. All were very fast! Event kids got into the action and tries to ride bucking calves! In between events, the Rodeo clown entertained the crowd with laughter and with his roping skills. In addition to being a rodeo clown, he is a lasso champion! We had a very exciting time!

It was all held together by the rodeo MC and the rodeo clown. At one intermission we walked to the food area to obtain a treat. Sometimes taking the tried and true “French Fry” truck is okay, but when you see visitors walking from the “new guy in town’s” chick truck and they look amazing you wonder why you didn’t risk it. My Festival advice to you, is divide and conquer, share … Both you and the vendors will be satisfied.

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