The Hobby & Game Show

The Hobby and Game Show


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

Hobbies and Games…

If you are into Hobby or Gaming, the Hobby and Game Show at the Toronto International Centre was the place to be! We had received an e-mail from Lee-Anna Poelman, one of the coordinators of the show, asking us if we would like to visit it. As we were already going to Toronto that weekend, we decided that it would be fun to go to it. It was Saturday afternoon when we arrived at the Toronto International Centre. We parked our car and entered a world of imagination! The show was crowded with people, examining all that the hobby and gaming industry had to offer. The Hobby and Game Show combines The 2010 Hobby Show and The Great Canadian Game Show into one giant adventure!

Board Games and Models…

The first area that we really noticed was set up with tables and chairs. This was the huge Board Game room. Here contestants could match their skills against one another. As we walked down the long isle, we were greeted with a number of different model displays. There were several Meccano creations! Having had a number of sets as a kid, I have lots of memories of playing with them. Actually, my older brother, Chuck and my Dad built, while I watched! I can’t however remember ever seeing or building anything as elaborate as the models in this area! Other types of models came after that. There were the Revell modellers, “to scale” steam engines, model railroads and slot car exhibits. Each one held a wonderful fascination for Judi and me.

Hockey, Video Games and Star Gazing…

Along the way we got to experience people playing in The Great Canadian Table Hockey Championships, making paper airplanes at the Ontario Science Centre display and playing video games at the Great Canadian Video Game Championship area. It was a feast for the eyes and senses! As we reached the end of the isle and turned the corner, we walked straight towards the ROM Skylab where their Astronomy Show was about to start.


Down the next isle of The Hobby and Game Show, several demonstrations were taking place. The first that caught our attention, was a large area that had been roped off. Along one side, on a raised platform, several participants stood with radio controls in hand. Each person was directing one of the race cars that flashed by! At first they were just practicing to get the feel of the course, and then the announcer told them to get their cars into position. Once everyone was ready, the race began. Radio controlled cars flashed by us at amazing speeds! The car followed the racecourse (most of the time), and leaping high into the air, over racecourses jumps! If a car happened to crash and turn over, there were racecourse managers ready to leap into action and get them ready to go again! It was amazing to see just how talented these radio car drivers were! As we moved down the isle, we saw a large crowd surrounding a man blowing up balloons. The balloon blower was the 2010 World Champion, Jungle Jack. Judi and I stopped to watch as he made the most intricate objects, a Pink Panther and Nemo on a fishing pole, to name two. While we were there, Jungle Jack started to make a new creation. Each time he blew up a balloon he handed it to one of the onlookers (mainly kids) and then asked if they could guess what he was making. As he blew up the balloons, he continued to ask what he was making. The object was, that the person who guessed what he was making, would win what he was making! After Jack had blown up about 15 balloons and had started to make his creation, one of the kids in the crowd guessed that it was a “Starship” from Star Wars. Having guessed correctly, the young man received the humongous spaceship, once it had been completed. The boy and his father were delighted!

Much More to See…

From Jungle Jack we moved on down the isle of The Hobby and Game Show. There was a coin evaluation and sale area and then magic and juggling shows and workshops. There was so much to see and experience, it was hard to take it all in! Not only were there displays, exhibits and tournaments, there were plenty of vendors offering the latest in games and models. We hadn’t realized what a fascinating world we had entered! The Hobby and Game Show was most definitely a “hands-on” experience with seminars, demonstrations and much “Fun for Kids of All Ages”!

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