Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Game

Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Game


by Festival Nomad, Gary McWilliams

The Call…
I received a call from my daughter, Ainsley, late one evening. She asked me, “How would you like to go to a Toronto Blue Jays Baseball Game with Eddy (my son-in-law) and your grandson? I can’t go and I thought you might be interested.” I quickly said “yes” and plans were made. My grandson, you see, is now fourteen and a sports “fanatic“! He knows the names of all the Blue Jays players and most of their statistics! And, he, like many of us, has been following the exploits of Toronto slugger, Jose Bautista! Bautista had just hit his league leading 50th Home Run the evening before! This was going to be my grandson’s first visit to a major league baseball games. I was excited for my grandson and anxious to see Bautista play!

Getting to the Ballpark…
The game was on a Friday night and we had decided to take the Go Train from the Oshawa Station into Downtown Toronto. We had wanted to get to the ballpark early to watch batting practise and to obtain a few autographs. We drove from Port Hope to Oshawa and then boarded the west bound train. The landscape passed quickly by, but it seemed to take forever to reach Union Station! From Union Station we hurried to the Rogers Centre. There was still time to get a few autographs!

We found the “signing” area and joined the “line” of eager fans waiting to meet two of the Blue Jays players. The two players signing autographs were pitcher, Marc Rzepczynski and Mississauga native, pitcher Shawn Hill. Once the autographs were obtained, we made our way to our seats. On route pizza slices were purchased to appease our growly stomachs! Our seats were strategically chosen in the centre outfield close to where Jose Bautista played. We had wanted to be where the “real” action was going to take place, “Home Run Alley“! By the time we reached our seats and got settled, batting practise was almost over. The Jays were playing the Baltimore Orioles that night and they were in the batting cage. A few fly balls came our way, but none close enough to catch! Once the batting practise was over, the grounds crew came out to prepare the field for the upcoming Toronto Blue Jays Game. We watched preparations until the PA announcer introduced the starting line-ups. You can image how the crowd reacted when Number 19, Jose Bautista, was introduced! Once all the preliminaries has taken place, the umpire called “Play Ball“.

The Game…
The game was on! The game was fairly normal until Bautista, batting from the number 4 position came to the plate! Everyone cheered loudly and then were quiet. After a few pitches had been thrown, Bautista gave a “mighty swing” and the ball sailed over the outfield fence! Home run number 51! The Jays were on the scoreboard! A few innings later, Bautista was walked, big mistake! Vernon Wells, the Jays other slugger, was “on deck“! The pitch came across the plate and “WACK“, the ball was on its way and over the fence! Wells and Bautista came home! Two runs scored! The game was topped off with Jose Bautista hitting his 52nd Home Run! What a great FIRST game for my grandson! Weary, but happy with the win, we made our way back to Union Station. After an hours wait we boarded the east bound train. The trip back to Oshawa seemed shorter! Perhaps it was made easier by the Jays win! I am sure that we will all remember this Toronto Blue Jays Game!

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