BEE in the Know ~ Ask for Help… Don’t Be Afraid!

Here’s another Ontario VisitedBEE IN THE KNOWTravel Tips video ~ “Ask for Help… Don’t Be Afraid!

Over the past 13 years, we have visited hundreds of Ontario communities and events and have learned many fun and valuable lessons along the way!

As a result, we thought we would pass on these “lesson learned”, good and bad through our weekly “BEE IN THE KNOW” video series.

You may not believe this, but sometimes I get lost! Even with a GPS, it happens! Of course, I am a typical male, I don’t like admitting that I am lost! Years ago, I drove around downtown Vancouver for two hours looking for a hotel! Not anymore, I’ve learned my lesson (sort of) and I now “usually” ask for directions, or at least, Judi does!

That’s our “lesson” for this week, stay tuned for next week’s video, “Buy Your Tickets in Advance!

AND… make sure you check out our ONTARIO EVENT DIRECTORY, there’s hundreds of “Ontario adventures” to choose from!

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