BEE in the Know ~ Bring a Map!

Here’s another Ontario Visited BEE IN THE KNOWAdventure Tip” ~ “Bring a Map!

For the past 16 years, we have visited hundreds of communities and events and have learned many fun and valuable lessons along the way!

As a result, we thought we would pass on these “lesson learned”, good and bad through our BEE IN THE KNOWAdventure Tips”.

Judi and I have been on a number of “adventure trips” this year. Many of the places we wanted to visit were new to use, so we used the GPS map in our car. That’s the “good” news! The “bad” news was that the car’s map GPS didn’t know where some of them were or they had a different name for the location. Fortunately, we also had an “old school alternative in the car… physical MAPS. As a result, we were able to navigate to our final destination and, of course, had a GREAT adventure! So, my friends, don’t be frustrated, BRING MAPS… the “physical” kind!

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