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Our DISCOVER ONTARIO video series takes visitors along with us as we learn more about the communities and events we experience. Each video and post include an “interesting” fact about the community or event we visited. See if you can guess the right answer!

I grew up in Baysville. Well, that might be a slight exaggeration. Actually, as a kid, my parents had a cottage on Lake of Bays, near Baysville. This is where I learned to waterski, work my first job (at the local marina), got into a fist fight and experienced my first love affair (and my first breakup)!

It was always a great adventure to come into the beautiful village. We could get there by boat or car, but I, of course, preferred the boat. We’d tie up at the municipal docks, fill up the boat with gas at the Baysville Marina, get groceries at McCormick’s General Store and then go for ice cream cones at Langmaid’s General Store. Once inside the store we would be greeted by Miss Langmaid who’d always ask; “Up for the summer?

Baysville and Lake of Bays was a wonderful area to grow up in! Judi and I have gone back several times. I tell her about my Baysville experiences, she smiles and tells me that she wishes she had known me then.

This video vignette features tour the town and then ask a FUN question. Enjoy the video and, when you can, go out and discover Baysville and the Lake of Bays and all that it offers!

What year was the Village of Baysville founded?

ANSWER? 1862, 1868, 1872, 1872

The correct answer is shown below. Don’t peek!

Have fun and hopefully we will see you along the “Ontario Road of Discovery”!

**The answer to our Baysville question is 1868.

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