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Our DISCOVER ONTARIO video series takes visitors along with us as we learn more about the communities and events we experience. Each video and post include an “interesting” fact about the community or event we visited. See if you can guess the right answer!

This video features Community of Honey Harbour. Honey Harbour, located on Georgian Bay, “serves as a launching point to the “30,000 Islands” that make up the Georgian Bay geography.  The islands, that are accessible from Honey Harbour, are dotted with hundreds to thousands of cottages. The cottages serve mostly as summer residences. Many very large cottages have been built recently, which has resulted in an increase in property values. The economic cycle of Honey Harbour is tied to the cycle of the cottagers. Honey Harbour has a small grocery store (“Towne Centre” and Picnic Island Resort, which features its own general store and gas bar), a post office, a liquor store, a bakery, a Catholic church and school, a public elementary school, several small craft stores, a large resort and several marinas. In addition to cottages, there are multiple waterfront trailer park resorts. There are also numerous clean beaches lining both the shore and islands, inhabited by the diverse Ontario wildlife.”


This video vignette features tour Honey Harbour and then ask a FUN question. Enjoy the video and, when you can, go out and discover the Community of Honey Harbour and all that it offers!

Honey Harbour is the launching point for what?

ANSWER? 1,000 Islands, The Great Waterway, Scenic Coves, 30,000 Islands

The correct answer is shown below. Don’t peek!

Have fun and hopefully we will see you along the “Ontario Road of Discovery”!

**The answer to our Community of Honey Harbour question is the 30,000 Islands.

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