Discover Ontario ~ Ice Sculpting

Ontario Visited is dedicated to discovering and exploring Ontario Communities, their events and their residents.

Our DISCOVER ONTARIO video series takes visitors along with us as we learn more about the communities and events we experience. Each video and post includes an “interesting” fact about the community or event we visited. See if you can guess the right answer!

This week’s video features the Ice Sculpting in Ontario. It’s great fun to visit an Ontario winter event where they feature ice sculpturing! It’s wonderful art activity that always seems to capture everyone’s interest.

Judi and I have admired ice carvings from Ottawa to Collingwood and, in-between! Next time you visit an Ontario winter festival, check out the ice sculpting!

What ice sculpting company created the Canadian Tire ICE TRUCK?

ANSWER? Ice Guys, Ice Culture, Ice FX, The Iceman

The correct answer is shown below. Don’t peek!

Have fun and hopefully we will see you along the “Ontario Road of Discovery”!

**The answer to our Ice Sculpting question is the Ice Culture!

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