Discover Ontario ~ Municipality of Kincardine

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Our DISCOVER ONTARIO video series takes visitors along with us as we learn more about the communities and events we experience. Each video and post include an “interesting” fact about the community or event we visited. See if you can guess the right answer!

This week’s video features the Municipality of Kincardine, located on the shores of Lake Huron.  Kincardine, according to their website, “the Municipality of Kincardine has something to offer.  Discover our thriving lakeside downtown shops and dining options, renowned festivals and events, recreational programming, and an agricultural community rich in product and you’ll understand how enticing it is to be a part of this wonderful community.

Actually, a number of years ago, I had the pleasure of living and working in Kincardine! I really enjoyed the few years that I lived there, summers at the beach, snowmobiling in the winter, and, of course, the Saturday night Scottish Pipe Band Parade!

What event happens every Saturday night during the summer months?

ANSWER? Outdoor movies in the Park, Midnight Madness Shopping, Sunset Concerts in the Park, Scottish Pipe Band Parades

The correct answer is shown below. Don’t peek!

Have fun and hopefully we will see you along the “Ontario Road of Discovery”!

**The answer to our Municipality of Kincardine question are the Scottish Pipe Band Parades.

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