Ontario Visited
Festival Nomad Correspondent Program

Who Becomes An Ontario Visited Correspondent?

  • People who are interested in visiting festivals & event
  • People who enjoy writing, photographing and videography

What Are The Benefits of Becoming An Ontario Visited Correspondent?

  • Free access (where possible) to events
  • Media access privileges (when available)
  • Portfolio Enhancement (By-line & Internet exposure)
  • Volunteer Youth Credits (for highschool students)

Why Join the Ontario Visited Correspondent’s Team?

  • Maximize festival and event experience
  • Be seen ~ Ontario Visited Websites attract over 800,000 event visits per year
  • Recognized by major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) for festival and event information
  • Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Newsletters) activities
  • Association with established festival and event industry leader

What Are the Ontario Visited Correspondent Guidelines?

  • Willing to visit at least two festivals or events per year
  • Willing write articles (350+ words) about festivals and events visited and to submit articles and photographs (10 – 15 photos) within one month of visit
  • Have access to internet and e-mails
  • Be willing to represent Ontario Visited in a professional manner

What Will You Receive From Ontario Visited?

  • Letter of authorization to selected festival organizers stating that you represent Ontario Visited as our Correspondent
  • A supply of Ontario Visited Correspondent Business Cards
  • An Ontario Visited baseball hat

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I receive financial compensation? No
  • Are my expenses paid? Normally no, unless pre-authorized in writing.
  • Will I have to edit photographs? No, Ontario Visited will do this for you.
  • Will you edit my article? Yes, all articles are reviewed and edited where need.
  • What kind of coverage are you looking for? We cover each event as a regular visitor and to write about our positive experiences.
  • Do I decide which event I am to cover or do you? Normally we want you to choose which events you’d like to visit and then let us know, so that we can arrange passes. We normally we require at least 2-3 weeks prior to the date you want to attend. (There could be some limitations to access availability.)
  • Are there any restrictions on the type of events we can cover? No, with the exception of illegal events or activities.
  • What happens if I cannot attend? We need cancellation notification at least 24 – 48 hours prior to your scheduled visit so that we can inform event organizers.
  • How many people can I take with me? Normally we can arrange for 2 passes. However, if you have children, we can usually obtain family access.
  • Are there any other types of activities that Ontario Visited covers? Yes, Ontario Visited Websites documents fairs, heritage facilities, unique communities, historical re-enactments and attractions

How Do I Become An Ontario Visited Festival Nomad Correspondent?

  • Contact us by e-mail (gary@ontariovisited.ca) or telephone us at 1-888-818-0255
  • All applicators must  be approved in writing by Ontario Visited and its holding company, Festival and Event Services Inc.

Gary & Judi McWilliams

Modified, February 15, 2014