Ontario Re-Visited ~ Catching the Experience!

History in Motion ~ Back in Time Tour Fifteen!

Austin Sawmill Heritage Park

The first mill established on this site was built in the 1890s and owned by William T. Craig and John Austin. In 1908, the original building burned to the ground and was replaced by the structure which succumbed to fire in the conflagration of 1942 which destroyed most of the town (Kinmount).

The Austin Sawmill was recently reconstructed and brought back to life with static displays that illustrate the milling processes that were utilized within the original mill.

At the time when citizens did courageous acts to defend their land, country, communities, they may not have conscientiously known the impact they were having on future generations. Today, we can instantaneously see the results of our efforts. This through both today’s world-wide “24-hour” media and through the Internet’s “real-time” technologies.

We rush, rush, rush. Many decisions are made today without realizing the impact they will have on our future. Today’s society needs to continue on the path of “united” generosity – in kindness, service and actions! We all should reflect on our past – for without it, we would not be where we are today!

Our “History in Motionaction video series encourages viewers to go “Back in Time” and “Reflect on Our Past”!

“Original art by Susan Caron”

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