Winter Fun ~ Inside and Outside!


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad/Winterman)

It’s hard to believe that we have entered another New Year! 2018 seemed to “fly by” so fast! Judi and I would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy 2019 and that you will “follow us” as we discover NEW ADVENTURES.

This INSIDER newsletter, I thought that I would “exploreWINTER, “Inside” and “Outside“.

Winter Inside…

For many people winter is a time for “hibernation“. To stay home and sit by the “fireplace” (if you have one). I think that there are a lot of other “Inside” alternatives.


Winter Inside

In Ontario we are blessed with so many museums. Most Ontario areas have a museum close by. Why not take the opportunity of visiting one this winter?

Flower Shows

Winter Inside

I know that we are in the “dead of winter“, but “spring” is just around the corner. Visiting a Flower Show and planning your “next” garden is a great winter pastime!

Art Shows

Winter Inside

Art Shows are a wonderful way of “getting outside” for some “Inside” winter fun. In Collingwood the is fantastic Art Show featuring kids art ~ The Magic of Children’s Art Show. Maybe your area has an art show you can visit!


Winter Inside

My friend, Tom, and I like to have lunch at different restaurants during the winter months. This helps out the local economy and satisfies Tom’s and my hunger.


Winter Inside

What “red bloodedCanadian doesn’t like going to a Mall in the winter? Well, maybe some don’t, but a lot do! It’s a place where Judi can look at cloths and I can find other amusements (books, electronics, food).

Sportsmen’s Shows

Winter Inside

The Sportsmen’s Show is the biggest show of its type in Ontario. However, many communities are now offering smaller similar type shows. Check around your area to see if one exists. They are a great way to spend a winter afternoon!


Winter Inside

Theatre in the winter is becoming more and more popular. What an enjoyable way to spend a “Winter’s Evening“.

Winter Outside…

Winter Outside

In last Winter’s INSIDER, we concentrated on Winter Sports Activities, skating, skiing, snowmobiling, curling, etc. The issue, I thought I look at other types Winter Activities.

Winter Festivals and Events

Winter Outside

Most communities organize some type of winter festival or event. Visiting one of these is wonderful way to enjoy a Winter Day and Weekend! I know, for example, that Wasaga Beach holds Snowman Mania in February. Since its close by, Judi and I plan to attend. Another event that we would like to visit is the Wiarton Willie Festival. Weather is always the determining factor on attending.

Family in Park

Winter Outside

Many communities have parks that are open in the winter. Last year my son and his family were visiting us. We wanted to do something outside, so we packed a picnic lunch and headed to Meaford to the Beautiful Joe Park. It has a great “toboggan hill” and a “picnic” area. We spent to whole day there, tobogganing and picnicking! The kids were quite “tired” and when we got home they went to bed early. Hopefully you can find an open park in your area and have a fun day!

Toronto Zoo

Winter Outside

The Toronto Zoo is a fabulous way to spend a Winter’s Afternoon or Day! The Zoo’s winter setting is spectacular! Make sure you visit the Polar Bears. They are really in their element.

Toronto Harbourfront Centre

Winter Outside

Whether you are “inside or outside” the Toronto Harbourfront Centre during the winter months, you’ll find amazing things to do. On the “inside” you’ll discover “art and artisans” and on the “outside” there’s the “Natrel Rink“. So much to do… so little time!

Visit Interesting Communities

during the winter

Over the years Judi and I have visited hundreds of Ontario Communities. Most people like to visit communities during the summer or fall and that’s great way to experience new communities. However, if you really want to feel the “heart” of a community, visit it in the winter! Each community has its own life and feeling. Besides, you won’t have to fight the crowds. You and relax and enjoy!

Maple Syrup Festivals

during the winter

Judi and I love to experience Maple Syrup Festivals, in fact, we have visited quite a few over the past 10+ years. To me they represent the “prelude” to spring. Besides, there’s the maple syrup, maple butter, taffy and more! If you are getting “cabin fever”, I’d suggest visiting a Maple Syrup Festival. There are plenty around Ontario.

The above article only covers a few of the many Winter Activities available in Ontario. So, get out of your chair and go and find your favourite Winter Activity! Maybe we will meet along the way!

Be Happy… Be Safe…

On a closing note, I wanted to remind every one to be safe during the Winter Season. My two pieces of advice are to dress warmly (like Winterman above) and drive carefully! Get to where you’re going alive. Winter can to “tricky“!

On a Final Note…

Over the past few months Judi and I have been working hard to update and simplify our websites. Our Ontario Event Directory have several new features, including a “Self Listing Form“, a “Feature Spotlight” area and an “Upcoming Feature Listings” area.

Also, if you have Event News you want to submit, there’s a “Self Submit Event News Form“.

On the Ontario Visited website, in addition to numerous new articles (they include lots original photos and many include exclusive videos), we have developed a new Marketing Program website that outlines all of Ontario Visited’s Marketing Opportunities.

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