Welcome to the Fall!


by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

It’s hard to believe that Fall is already here! Where did the Summer go?

I don’t know about you, but Judi and I had a very busy summer, traveling to a number of wonderful communities and their great events.

We also spent time working on the Ontario Visited websites. We hope that you will take the time to visit them. You will notice that we have officially changed our web address to ontariovisited.ca.

This change reflects the true nature of what we do, visiting Ontario communities and enjoying all that they have to offer ~ festivals and events, fairs, attractions and their heritage.

Before I continue with our Fall stories, videos and photos, I thought that I would highlight some of the improvements we have made to Ontario Visited.

  • Easier to navigate
  • Less “talk” and more videos and photos in all of our “Adventure” articles
  • Daily additions of new “Adventure” articles
  • Expanded Ontario Event Directory website ~ more listings and information (still a COMPLIMENTARY service)
  • Upcoming Feature Events” section added
  • Ontario Event Directorysubmission form” now available
  • Ontario Event Newssubmission form” now available

Again, hopefully you take the time to visit our improved Ontario Visited website. Let us know what you think, “good” and “bad“. We’d love to hear from you (gary@ontariovisited.ca)

Fall Colours Tour

Autumn is in the air and the leaves are changing colours! It seem like this just happens overnight!

When we lived in southern Ontario this wasn’t as apparent. Colours really did appear to change slowly.

In the northern part, where we now live, the opposite seems to happen! You go to bed at night when the leaves are “green“, and wake up in the morning and the leaves have turned all shades of “vibrate colours“!

I know that it doesn’t really happen that way, but just seems to!

The other challenge is that the colours don’t last long! One “big storm” and the leaves are ‘blown” from the trees!

Oh well, I guess we should happy that we have just a “moment” of such “beauty” and “splendor“! Now for a long “winter’s rest“!

On to the Apple Trail!

Fall is when “apple country” really come alive! The apple orchards are swarming with workers collecting apples from “millions” of apple trees.

As I drive throughout the county, I am amazed at how many varieties of apples that are grown here ~ Northern Spy, Empire, Gala, Courtland, Honeycrisp and more. One variety exclusive to the area is the Red Prince apple.


October is the most “fruitful” apple time! The Apple Pie Trail draws thousands of visitors to the area. The smell of “home-baked” apple pies fill the air!

Scarecrow Invasion!

Fall is also the time of the year that “Scarecrows” invade the Town of Meaford!

If you love “Scarecrows“, you’ve got to visit Meaford in the Fall (Mid-September to mid-October). The town goes “all out” to make your visit memorable! Scarecrows are everywhere! On the street, hanging from lamp posts, in store windows and on Station Hill!

Each year the town invites different “scarecrow” invaders! This year they invited “cowboys“. In past years they’ve invited musicians and movie actors.

As a result, you may see Hoss Cartright from Bonanza or Chester from Gunsmoke! I’ve even seen the Beatles on Station Hill! So much FUN!

Scary Stuff…

Who doesn’t want to be “scared“? October and Halloween are made for “scary“!

Discovery Harbour, Penetanguishene, has their “Pumpkinferno“. This is a great way to be “scared“! The event organizers at Discovery Harbour have gone “all out” to entertain “Pumpkinferno” visitors!

Another “scary” place to visit is Fort Henry’s Fort Fright (Kingston)! if you are looking for a great evening of “scary” fun, Fort Fright is the place to be!

You might want to see what it’s like to be “buried alive“! My son-in-law, Eddy, “tried it out” and “lived” to talk about it!

The Salmon are Running!

Thornbury, like a lot of other areas, have the salmon “running“!

Hundreds of fishing enthusiasts travel to the area to try their hand at catching salmon. These are the amazing creatures that are racing upstream to spawn.

The amazing creatures fight all odds, fast moving stream, fish ladders, dams and yes, fishermen, just to lay their eggs!

I am not sure just how many salmon are actually caught, but certainly fun to watch the fishermen try their “luck“!