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Fall Colours

It’s November and the fall leaves have lost much of their colour. That’s when you hang up your car keys and settle down for a “long winter’s nap”! Don’t do it! You’ll be missing out on amazing adventures. The underbrush is disappearing in the forests and you can see through the trees and discover what’s been hidden during the summer months. Open your windows and let the cool fresh air come in. Breath slowly and enjoy! If you drive along a country road, you just might catch a glimpse one of our wildlife friends, before it “retires” for the winter. As you drive along, the “smell of a fresh baked apple pie or the “warmth of a log fire” might call your name!

You Want to Drive Where?


Article by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad               Original Artwork by K.C. (Susan) Caron

When Judi (Scoop) and I talk about communities and events we want to attend, the question that Judi invariably asks is, “You want to drive where?”.

It’s not that Scoop doesn’t like to travel, its just that she knows that, if we have to travel a far distance, her “sleep-time” will be shortened! You see, Judi often likes to sleep in. So, you can see her dilemma, “to sleep or not to sleep, that is the question” Thank you “Mr. Shakespeare”!

Let’s face it, Ontario is a very BIG province. It has lots of fun and interesting places and events to visit. As you can imagine, we can’t just focus on local events. Afterall, we are called “Ontario” Visited! We need to spread out the “adventures”!

After 15+ years of roaming Ontario, it’s important for us to find new and interesting stories. That’s why some of our travel “discussions” are “interesting”.

Judi, however, is a “trooper” and our “adventure” travels, always (mostly), win out over “sleep-time”.

You might ask, “why doesn’t Scoop just sleep while you drive?” The simple answer is that I do drive, but Judi thinks that she has to “co-drive”! Although I have been driving “accident free” (touch wood) for more years than I can remember, Judi still maintains that I need her “assistance” when I drive.

Note: My mother actually had an “official” (I don’t know where she got it!) “backseat” drivers permit and use to inform my father that she had the authority to “help” him drive. Unfortunately, my father had “selective hearing”.

Well, you know what “they” say (I’m not sure who “they” are), “the devil never sleeps” but I think that the saying should be, the backseat (front seat) driver never sleeps!” Happy travelling!

Fall Colours

I believe that this has been one of the best years for “Fall colours“, certainly in our area, The Blue Mountains.

Over the past few years, Judi and I have become interested in the rural country-side. If you travel enough on country roads, and we have, it’s hard not to take an interest.

The problem with enjoying “Fall colours”, or enjoying them at their “peak”, is “timing”. Have you even planned a Fall trip only to fine the colours too dull, or worse, no leaves left on the trees!

That’s one of the reasons we love living in the north. We can drive a short distance, daily, and experience the gradual (and sometimes, not so gradual) change in seasons and in the case of Fall, the “colours”.

Below is a video of some of the “Fall Colours” we have enjoyed.

Journey into Enchantment

By Natasha Alam
Guest Contributor

Journey into Enchantment will be featuring over 2 million lights on a 2KM route of your favorite Holiday and Christmas characters, Sparkling drive thru tunnel, our special 12 Days of Christmas, from 2D to 3D displays, music lights and much more this Christmas and Holiday Season!

The Christmas and HolidayDrive Thru Light Show” runs from November 25, 2022 to January 1, 2023.

Enjoy this “family-friendlyChristmas and Holiday Light Show, a “Journey into Enchantment” like no other!

You can enjoy both festivals from the comfort of your vehicle! There are two locations to choose from, “Meadowvale Go” in Mississauga and “Richmond Hill Go” in Richmond Hill.

Each year, a dedicated amount goes to charity from the ticket sales. By purchasing a ticket, you will not only be getting access to an incredible event, but you will be helping us give back to the community!

Ontario Community Spotlight ~ Kincardine

Year’s ago, I lived in Kincardine. It was a great place to live and work. Unfortunately, I moved away when my job changed.

However, I’ll never forget the summers and the winters. The summers, because Kincardine is located on Lake Huron and has a great “beach area” and the winters, because Kincardine is located on Lake Huron and has tremendous snow storms that quite often cause “whiteouts”. However, like any community, you take the good with the bad.

Summer in Kincardine was like most lakeside communities, full of fun outdoor activities, walks along the beach, and visiting festivals and events in the area.

One such event happens every Saturday night during the summer. It is known as the Kincardine Scottish Pipe Band parade. This is where the Kincardine Pipe Band marches down the main street to Victoria Park. They are followed by town’s people and visitors alike. In Victoria Park the band performs for all those who have gathered. I used to live in a second-floor apartment right across from the park. I can remember many Saturday nights sitting at the front window, watching the parade and listening to the music. It was always an awesome spectacle!

Like I said, Kincardine is located on Lake Huron, so summer fun is always an attraction. However, all of the seasons offer residents and visitors so much to do and see.

If you are looking for great community to visit and explore, try Kincardine.

Fall Colours