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Farmers’ Markets

We are now in the middle of Fall. The leaves have all changed colour and many leaves have fallen. Remember, you are not too old to enjoy the fallen leaves, and perhaps to jump and roll in them! Crops have been harvested and this year’s bounty is ready to be enjoyed. Farmers’ Markets are in their glory. This month’s “side photos” were taken at some of the Farmers’ Markets we have visited.



Article by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad               Original Artwork by K.C. (Susan) Caron

I know, I know, I’m a bit “odd”! I actually don’t mind being “alone” sometimes.

It all started when I was quite young (no, not in my Mummy’s tummy!). I was about 8 or 9 what I was first allowed to operate a boat on my own. It was a wooden runabout with a 5hp Evinrude outboard engine, talk about “freedom”!

I could go where “no boy” (me) had ever gone before (within reason).

The lake was my “empire” and I was the “king”. I could go where I pleased (again, within reason). What adventures I had! I explored silent “coves”, discovered new “lands” and sang “silly songs” at the “top” of my voice. What summers I had on the water, “exciting”, “peaceful” and “alone”.

This “freedom” has followed me throughout my life. First the “boating”, then exploring the “woods” near where I went to school, during Daylight Savings Time. As an adult it was “jogging” on a city track or along a lonely road and finally in my “car”, taking “serendipitous adventures” along “roads less traveled”.

Fortunately, this wanderlust captured Judi’s (Scoop) “heart” and together we explored Ontario’s countryside, “alone”, but “not alone” … “exciting”, “free” and “peaceful”.

We love sharing our adventures with others, but sometimes “alone” just seems to be a little better. Who knows, maybe “we” (me) aren’t as “odd” as I think!

Enjoying Ontario Farmers’ Markets

Judi and I love to go to Farmers’ Markets. To me, fall colours and Farmers’ Markets is what Fall is all about. If you add “fresh baked apple pie” to this “fall menu”, especially in our area (Apple Region), you’ve got the perfect mix to go out and enjoy a beautiful Fall Day. The only challenge is that it all ends as quickly as it begins!

The following is a bit of information about Farmers’ Markets. (Excerpt from https://www.erinnudi.com/2014/05/22/food-history-farmers-markets-2/)

Farmers’ markets date all the way back to Egypt over 5,000 years ago. Farmers along the Nile came together to sell their fresh produce.

First, what exactly is a farmers’ market? Farmers’ Markets defined: “a multi-stall market at which farmer-producers sell agricultural products directly to the general public at a central or fixed location, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables (but also meat products, dairy products, and/or grains).”

In addition to produce, meat, etc., vendors can also sell prepared foods, plants, flowers, baked goods, and even craft items. Generally, there is a requirement that all products sold must be local. Of course, the term “local” is subject to interpretation.

Food is undoubtedly the most important commodity sold at a farmers’ market. The idea behind farmers markets is that the middleman – the grocery store – is cut out of the equation. You’re buying fresh produce straight from the growers themselves.

Farmers’ Markets Ontario has 180 member markets across Ontario — chances are good there’s one near you.

Halloween Christmas Drive Thru Festivals

By Natasha Alam
Guest Contributor

Lights, Cameras, Action! That’s what our holiday (Halloween and Christmas) drive thruLight Shows offer festival visitors. A fun family adventure with millions of lights, celebrating holiday “MAGIC”.

Each Light Show features over 2 million lights on a 2KM route of your family fun favourite characters, pumpkin filled drive thru tunnel, from 2D to 3D displays, music lights and much more!

You can enjoy both festivals from the comfort of your vehicle! There are two locations to choose from, “Meadowvale Go” in Mississauga and “Richmond Hill Go” in Richmond Hill.

If you want to experience BOTH Festival Light Shows, you can purchase tickets at a 40%Time LimitedDiscount (Offer ENDS October 15, 2022).

Each year, a dedicated amount goes to charity from the ticket sales. By purchasing a ticket, you will not only be getting access to an incredible event, but you will be helping us give back to the community!

Ontario Community Spotlight ~ Clinton

Ontario is a wonderful place to work, live and have fun. For over 15 years, we have traveled across Ontario several times. We have never been disappointed on the diversity of the province and its communities. That’s why we started (a few years ago) our “Ontario Community Spotlight”. Each month we recognize a wonderful Ontario community. Some of the communities we have recognized in the past include ~ Buckhorn, Goderich, Port Colborne, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Wasaga Beach and many more. In fact, we have honoured over 40 Ontario communities.

We were off to the “races “!

Well, we were actually off to Clinton. We had never been to Clinton, or even heard of it, but we were in the area and saw the name “Clinton” on a road sign. We decided to follow it. One of the first things we saw when we entered Clinton was a large “grandstand “. We followed the road towards to grandstand and discovered a complex of municipal building. Clinton was turning out to be a lot more sophisticated than we had imagined. It seems that it was the “hub” of Central Huron. The complex of buildings not only included the Clinton Raceway and Casino, the Central Huron Municipal offices, the Central Huron Community Complex and more. Judi and I were impressed! This complex area also included areas for staging the horse races. There were building the horses and supplies. And a parking area for trailers, truck and cars. There was nothing happening at the race track, so Judi and I decided to explore it. Since there were no races happening, Judi created her own “race “! She LOST! More surprises were there. An amazing baseball diamond was just a short distance away!

From the Central Huron complex, we headed to Downtown Clinton. Everything about Clinton seemed to exude success. The downtown buildings showed that the town has a long impressive history. One of Clinton’s claims to fame was that is was known as “Canada’s Home of Radar”. To honour this distinction, there is a huge “Radar Antenna” display set up in the downtown.

We found the Town of Clinton through “serendipity “. What an amazing “find “, we’ll be back!

Farmers’ Markets