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Hear the Birds

It’s Time!

Out of the “Dungeon” (my office in the basement) and into the “Light”, that’s what this spring brings to me.

I guess, like a lot of people, we tend to hibernate in the winter months. It’s not really a good thing to do, but I do get a lot of time at the computer. Let’s face it, though, “it’s time” to go outside and smell the “roses”!

In our case, it’s time to go on the road and find NEWadventures”. Hopefully we will see you along our travels.

In this issue, we are focusing on the “Birds and Flowers” (not the Bees). Our Community Spotlight is on the Community of Arthur, “Canada’s Most Patriotic Village” and our feature article is about history and never being “Too Old” to enjoy and experience it. Finally, our Guest Contributor, Ross Cannata of All Purpose Realty Services, has an amazing story (offer) to tell. Did you know that by taking advantage of his referral services, you can earn thousands of dollars’ worth in Cashback Rewards or a huge amount of AIR MILES®. Ross will tell you more in his article.

You’re Never Too Old…


Article by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad               Original Artwork by K.C. (Susan) Caron

I don’t know why, anything “historical” fascinates me. I think that’s why I enjoy visiting such events and attractions like the Battle of Stoney Creek, Black Creek Pioneer Village and “Christmas by Candle Light” at Lang Pioneer Village Museum. It’s just the thought of the hardships that our forefathers went through, to get us where we are today. One of my great grandfathers was a carriage maker in Lakefield, Ontario and the other was a county doctor in a small village, Baltimore, just north of Cobourg, Ontario. Perhaps that’s why the “charm of days gone by” comes so naturally to me. Whatever the reason, I do like to go to and see “olde” things! I know that I am not alone. When Judi and I were at the Battle of Stoney Creek, I asked one of the re-enactors if he enjoyed what he did. He proceeded to tell me that the uniform he was wearing was made of wool, was very itchy and that he sweated like “h*ll” in it! Then he told me that they had to sleep each re-enactment night at the site on old fashion lumpy camp cots. Not finished, he continued to tell me that they did re-enactments and shows pretty much every other weekend! I asked him if it was so rough, why he continued to do it. He gave me a hardy laugh and said “Because I love every minute of it!” It’s funny, because most of the people I have talked to who are involved in re-enactment or interpretation same the same thing. “They love it!” Judging by the spirit and dedication of the people we have met, their “love of it” shows. Judi and I have visited plenty of Ontario’s heritage attractions and event throughout the past 15 years. Ontario has lots of historical facilities and events to visit and explore!

NOTE: Some the events I have mentioned in this article may no longer be held. There are many reasons why some events are discontinued, but they were all once “part of a communityand gave the citizens of each community a “Sense of History”.


Birds and Flowers…

The harmony of birds, chirping, flying everywhere, looking for food to feed their new born babies.

The scent of re-awakened  flowers, freshly pushing their way through the earth to the warmth of the sun.

Spring, new beginnings!

Ontario Community Spotlight ~ Arthur

This month’s Ontario Community Spotlight, presented by Ontario Visited, is the Village of Arthur.

I had often heard about the Village of Arthur from my friend Paul, but had never visited it. A while ago, Scoop (Judi) and I had the opportunity to visit Arthur.

It’s a wonderful unique community that has an amazing past. It’s known as “Canada’s most patriotic village”. When you enter the village, you can tell how much pride the residents have of their history.

If you are looking for an interesting place to visit, take a trip to Arthur and enjoy all if has to offer!

Click HERE for the Google Map of Arthur.

Read more about this great Ontario community by clicking HERE.

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Smell the Flowers