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The Future?

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

The Future?

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of not knowing what the future holds!

In saying that, Judi and I have been staying safe and positive. We are doing this, by living in the present, exploring the past and planning for the future.

You might ask: “What do you mean by that?

So, here is my answer ~

“Living in the Present”

Although COVID-19 has severely restricted our outside movements, we have been able to take driving tours in the countryside near us. This has allowed us to produce some amazing new articles, especially about farms and farming. Our two-video series, Country Routes and Tractors and Fields have proved to be quite popular. They provide visitors to our website a “virtual” look into both rural Ontario (Finding a Road Less Traveled!) and the business of plowing and harvesting. Our phrase, “From Farm to You”, emphasis this.

“Exploring the Past”

As many of you may know, we have been traveling throughout Ontario for the last 14+ years. We started discovering and exploring Ontario communities and their event in 2007 and have been actively photographing and taking videos ever since. As a result, we literally have 10’s of thousands of original photos and videos. “Self-isolating” for over a year has given us the opportunity of rediscovering all of our past “adventures”. By doing this, we have updated many of “Adventure Stories” and have been able to create new and original videos. If fact, we have been posting new and updated videos and articles weekly.

“Planning for the Future”

Planning for the future is a little harder. I think we all believe that a more normal future will come eventually. We just don’t know how when and how “normal”. We do realize that we need to keep in touch with both our present customers (partners) and with future partners. So, Judi has been sending out informational e-mails on the weekly basis. We know that communities and events are hesitating making any formal plans, but still need to keep relevant. We feel that staying connected and engaged is essential for a positive future. That’s why we are offering our free informational services (Ontario Event Directory and Ontario Event News) to them. When Ontario is ready to open up, Ontario Visited will be at the forefront to let visitors and tourists know what’s happening around the Province.

SPRING in the Country … or City …

Whether you get a chance to “Discover a Road Less Traveled in the Country, or take time to walk in a City Park, if you take time to listen and look around, you can see Nature Springing into life!

Festival Nomad and Scoop welcome you to Spring!

Rainbows, Blossoms and Chicks !

Spring Birds ~ New Beginnings!

For the Love of Art!

When you read our articles or watch our videos, you will often see or read about “Shadow”.

Shadow (aka KC Susan Caron) is Judi’s twin sister and has enjoyed, over the years, many of our Ontario adventures. What you may not know, that she is accomplished artist. Many of her works of art hang on the walls of people from around the world.

A few months ago, we challenged KC to created sketches from some of our numerous photos. We wanted to use them with some of our articles and videos. They were so well done that started to create different series. These then developed into possible art calendars. Since the start, we have developed 7 potential art calendar series.

Now KC has become our “resident” artist and is offering Ontario Visited visitors and partners the opportunity to have her create their own or original art project or custom calendar. The wonderful thing about the calendar program, is that calendar can start on any month!

As time goes on, we will be introducing further details about KC and the exclusive programs she offers Ontario Visited visitors and partners.

Our Look…

If you have been on our website lately, you’ll notice that we have streamlined our “welcome” page. We’ve shortened it to five (5) sections ~

  • Action Video Series
  • Discover Virtual Ontario Videos
  • Ontario Adventure Stories
  • Ontario Event Directory
  • Ontario Event News

We did this to enhance visitor experience. Each section is now clearly defined and allows web visits to easily explore the topics (sections) they are interested in. The one major change, was combining 4 videos series, BEE in the Know, Discover Ontario, Ontario Re-Visited and OAAS Country Routes, into one group. These video series take visitors on a “virtual” journey throughout Ontario. They are an accumulation of our 15 years of experiencing Ontario’s communities and their events!

Each section is added to on a weekly basis, so there is always something new to discover!

In My Opinion…

by Gary McWilliams

As I mention in my “Future?” article, I am getting tired of thinking about my future. COVID-19 has certainly caused a great deal of sorrow and concern. That’s why I have been thinking a lot about what will cause the pandemic to end. Some say that the only way to a normal life is for everyone to become vaccinated. Others say that the vaccine is not the answer, but healthy living is more effective. Both arguments have their points and need to be considered. For me, I think, perhaps, both points of view are correct, especially if they are combined. I am going to get vaccinated, soon, but I also believe that becoming more responsible for my health is also the right answer. I can’t wait for normality to return, to “smell the roses”. In the meantime, I’ll work each day to make my life, and those around me, to be more positive, “living in the present“, so that “planning for the future” will be even better than before!

Spring Waters… Stay Safe!

Happy Spring!

“The Art of KC Caron”

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