“We’ve Been There!”

Winter’s here… Let’s Have Some FUN!

by Gary McWilliams (aka Winterman, aka Festival Nomad)

Ontario is a wonder place to enjoy winter! Yes, lots of people travel south to the warmer climates, but winter in Ontario can be a lot of FUN!

Building a “Snowman“!

Making “Snow Angels“!

Or, just having a good old “Snowball” fight!

Check out our NEW Ontario Visited Adventures article “Winter Activities in Ontario” at https://festivals.ontariovisited.ca/winter-activities-in-ontario/.

Ontario Visited’s NEW Look

When you log onto our Ontario Visitedwelcome” page, you will see something NEW! We now have 5 “BEEN THEREResource Platforms to keep you informed and up to date. The 5 Resource Platforms are ~

Ontario Visited Adventures ~ Over 175 Ontario adventures to discover… “A Moment in Time!

Ontario Event Directory ~ Over 2,000 Ontario adventures to choose from… “Find Your Adventure!

Ontario Event News ~ Ontario community and event news added daily… “Keep Informed!

BEE in the Know “Travel Tips” (weekly) Video Series ~ For over the past 13 years we have visited hundreds of Ontario communities and their events and have learned many fun and valuable lessons along the way… “Lessons Learned!

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Discover Ontario

In our last (Fall) INSIDER newsletter we introduced our BEE in the Know “Travel Tips” Video Series. In this issue, we’d like to introduce our Discover Ontario Video Series. This is a weekly series, where we encourage visitors to explore Ontario with us, bringing new Ontario communities and events to “Discover“!

Ontario Community Spotlight

Each month we “spotlight” one of the many Ontario communities we have visited. January’s Spotlight Community is “The Blue Mountains“. The Blue Mountains is highlighted in the below video.

Fun Winter Events

Ontario offer winter event adventurers plenty of fun events to visit! our Ontario Event Directory lists many of them.

One of our favourites is Wasaga Beach Snowman Mania, which takes place on the Family Day weekend.

Adventure and Sportsmen’s Shows

Adventure and Sportsmen Shows are always popular this time of year! Everyone wants to find out what’s new and what to plan for upcoming adventures. Their are lots of shows to visit, throughout Ontario. For example, the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show will be held March 18 -22. If you are west of Toronto, you may want to check out the Norfolk Wildlife Festival and Adventure Show to be held March 14 – 15, 2020. Lots to choose from! Visit our Ontario Event Directory for information on others.

Car Shows…

This is also the time of year when automobile companies like to show off their new vehicles. Years ago the showing off of new cars mainly took place at special unveilings at car dealerships. The look of the new models were kept secret right until the unveiling. Each dealership put on elaborate show for their best customers! These were really fun events. Now mammoth central show are held with all the car companies participating. I’m not sure which way is more exciting!

The Canadian International AutoShow is held in downtown Toronto at the Metro Convention Centre.

In My Opinion ~ Community Involvement

Most Ontario festivals and events are community based. As such, they give whole communities the chance to come together and show off their town to visitors. Festivals and events not only make residents proud; they are just good business! Think of the economic impact. Festival visitors eat in community restaurants, stay in community accommodations, enjoy community attractions and purchase goods in community retail stores. If visitors like the festival community, they come back and bring their friends and the cycle begin again. AND, if they really like the community, they come back to live there. Community supported festivals and events have the “domino” effect!

Final Thoughts

Judi and I look forward to creating and presenting “new” and “innovative” programs in the upcoming year. We hope that you will join us as we travel through these exciting times!

“Let’s have some FUN!”

“Winter Fun!”