“Exploring ~ Spotlighting ONTARIO Communities and Events Since 2007″

“Winter Wonderland!”

Celebration… Oh Yah!

Ontario Visited founders, Judi & Gary McWilliams

That’s right, Ontario Visited is celebrating its 15th year!

It all started at the beginning of 2007. We had this crazy idea of traveling around Ontario and then writing about the communities and events we visited. Thousands of kilometres traveled and hundreds of communities visited, we celebrate all we have seen and done!

The first event visited was the Elmvale Maple Syrup Festival. What a great first event! The second was at the Toronto Zoo, for the Spring Toad Festival.

From there, our travels just keep going on. We’ve visited communities big and small, Ottawa with all its National Museums, and, Leith, were artist Tom Thomson is buried.

And, large events, such as an Ottawa official Canada Day to smaller events, like the Thornbury Hoedown.

It’s been such a fabulous adventure! We can wait for more!

A New Year!

Well, 2020 is over, and it’s on to a new year, and new beginnings ~ 2021!

For most, it’s been a year of challenges, and in many cases a year of frustration and sadness. Judi and I have weathered the storm, but without our good friend, Tom McTaggart. After a long and brave fight, he lost to cancer. We certainly miss him.

It’s now onto a new year, and to new beginnings. With the onset of COVID-19, Judi and I, like so many others, had to re-evaluate our direction, at least for the time being.

To do this, we had to try to look into the future to see what it might look like. Live festivals and events seemed to be, at the present, unrealistic. Even traveling to and exploring Ontario communities, seemed to be a challenge. Driving through the country, without getting out of the car, was a possibility.

Fortunately, for the past 14 years, we have been traveling throughout Ontario, taking thousands of photos and videos. Couple with these, and new photos, taken during last year’s country drives, we have created a whole new series of “ACTION” videos. There are three categories ~ “Tractors and Fields”, “Catching the Action” and “History in Motion”.

Catching the Action ~ Action Video Series

“Discover Ontario ~ Ontario in Motion”

Ontario Visited is dedicated to “exploring and experiencing Ontario communities, their events and their activities.

Our DISCOVER ONTARIO ~ Catching the Action video series takes visitors along with us, as we learn more about Ontario communities and the events we experience.

Have fun and hopefully we will see you along the “Ontario Road of Discovery”!

Catching the Action

“Ontario in Motion”

Tractors and Fields ~ Action Video Series

“Country Routes ~ From Farms to You”

If you have ever taken a long drive in the country, you know how relaxing it can be.

Ontario is especially fortunate to have so many scenic country roads. Over the past 14 years, we have traveled throughout Ontario, and have experience many roads and the communities and farms along them.

This video series is all about farms and farming, “From Farms to You!

Tractors and Fields

“Ontario in Motion”

History in Motion ~ Action Video Series

“Back in Time ~ Catching the Experience”

At the time when citizens did courageous acts to defend their land, country, communities, they may not have conscientiously known the impact they were having on future generations. Today, we can instantaneously see the results of our efforts. This through both today’s world-wide “24-hour” media and through the Internet’s “real-time” technologies.

We rush, rush, rush. Many decisions are made today without realizing the impact they will have on our future. Today’s society needs to continue on the path of “united” generosity – in kindness, service and actions! We all should reflect on our past – for without it, we would not be where we are today!

Our “History in Motionaction video series encourages viewers to go “Back in Time” and “Reflect on Our Past”!

“Original art by Susan Caron”

History in Motion

“Catching the Experience”

Ontario Visited Announces…

Ontario Visited is pleased to announce that the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies (OAAS) is presenting our COUNTRY ROUTES Video Series. The video series takes visitors on “Roads Less Traveled”!

OAAS turns 175 years “young” February 2021 ~ “A glimpse into the past provides a great deal of insight into the present… and what is yet to come.


Country Routes Video Series

“Finding a Road Less Traveled”

What’s Your Story?

As mentioned above, the Ontario Association of Agricultural Societies has a story to tell, it’s their 175th anniversary this year. To help them promote their story, they are sponsoring our Country Routes Video Series.

Do you have a story to tell?

You can “tell” your story through one of our other amazing “Video Series and Action Video Series

Ontario Visited Adventure Stories

Like I said, it’s been an amazing journey, traveling throughout Ontario for the past 14 years!

We’ve seen and done and seen so much, and, over the years, we’ve had lots of “stories” to share.

When you get a chance, take a look at some of our adventures. Maybe you’ll find an “adventure” you and your family would like to “experience“!

Remember, these are not the complete stories, but “Moments in Time“!

Communities Visited

Communities Visited

“Adventure Stories”

Festivals Visited

Festivals Visited

“Adventure Stories”

Fairs Visited

Fairs Visited

“Adventure Stories”

Attractions Visited

Attractions Visited

“Adventure Stories”

Heritage Visited

Heritage Visited

“Adventure Stories”

Happy New Year Everyone!

We wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year! Here’s to NEWadventures“!

Judi and Gary McWilliams

“Winter Wonderland!”