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Cheers to 2022!

by Kevin Stuart ( Senior Event Correspondent)

With the Christmas season upon us, once again we find ourselves on the cusp of another year, which begins with a lot of contemplation of the one just past.

Each of us has his or her own idea as to what sort of year it was, depending on what transpired in their own lives. However, when it comes to the pandemic, that’s something we all share.

Many of us believed or wanted to believe that because 2020 was such a difficult one, that once the stroke of midnight on December 31 hits, everything would suddenly become better. Of course, it doesn’t quite work that way, but in order to keep going, we all needed some sort of hope to cling to. And there was good reason to hope, because a vaccine was being rolled out and by the end of the year Covid would be in our collective rear-view mirrors. Once more, it hasn’t quite worked that way, but this time out there is more reason to hope.

While many festivals and events once again did not take place, there were a number that did, even if it was under modified conditions. Outdoor concerts were staged on a larger scale and a few fairs did return in certain areas. Major sporting events began allowing larger crowds of spectators. My wife and I attended an outdoor presentation of The Graduate. It felt good to be amid a situation that felt like “old times”.

Many of us are looking forward to gathering once more with family and friends over the holidays, something most were denied in 2020. Even the thought of being able to gather for smaller-scale new year’s celebrations and outdoor skating without restrictions, gives hope.

However, despite this return to somewhat normal, the threat of further outbreaks still looms, particularly as we head into the colder months. Vigilance remains the watchword. That said, there is cause for optimism for the events that will happen. Recently the Ontario government announced a $50-million investment to support more than 400 festivals and events provincewide. These funds are coming from the Reconnect Festival and Event and Celebrate Ontario Blockbuster programs. This is certainly good news for organizers whose events have been put on hold for two seasons.

I’d like to close with the thought that in every year there are moments of trial and moments of joy. To that I would like to quote a line from one of my favourite poems, Desiderata” by Max Ehrmann:

“And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Ontario Event Information Services

As we announced in our Fall INSIDER, we now have 2 Event Information Apps, Ontario Event Directory and Ontario Event News. These, combined with our Event Directory and News Websites, give visitors to our Ontario Visited Information Platforms a wonderful “porthole” into what is happening in Ontario communities, their attractions and events.

Please check out the 2 Event Apps and download them onto your mobile devices… KEEP INFORMED!

Ontario Visited Virtual Information Series

Action Video Series

This Video Series is all about “motion” and “action”. Our 3 Action Series include ~ Catching the Action (Explore ~ Experience), Tractors and Fields (From Farm to You!) and History in Motion (Discovering Your Roots!).

The following short video will give you a “taste” of Ontario in Motion!

Discover Virtual Ontario Video Series

This Video Series contains videos that help visitors “explore Ontario. There are 4 categories to choose from ~ BEE in the Know (Adventure Tips), Discover Ontario (Discovering Ontario), Ontario Re-Visited (Discovering the Past!) and OAAS Country Routes (Finding a Road Less Traveled!).

The below video shows you “how” to “discoverOntario… “virtually”!

Ontario Adventure Stories Series

Our “Moments in TimeAdventure Stories take you along with us as we travel throughout Ontario. Over the past 15 year we have visited hundreds of Ontario communities and their attractions and events. Throughout those years we have written about our travels and adventuresA Moment in Time!

Some of the events we have written about no longer exist, others have changed their look and many have stayed the same. These stories are important because they show the “evolution” of Ontario communities and their events over the past 15 years.

There are 5 different series ~ Ontario Communities Visited, Ontario Festivals Visited, Ontario Fairs Visited, Ontario Attractions Visited and Ontario Heritage Visited.

For up-to-date information, visit our Event Information Websites and Apps, mentioned above.

This Adventure Stories video highlights our 5 different stories series.

Where Are We? Video Series… NEW

This is our new, fun, video series, featuring our Ontario Visited mascot, “GIFF”, and some of his friends!

GIFF had a lot of fun traveling with us, as we explored Ontario communities. So much fun, that he wanted to share it with you! However, he wanted to make the video interesting for both “you” and some of his “friends”, so at the beginning of each video he asks the question, “Where are we?” At the end of the videos, he “gives away” the answer! GIFF had a great time making the videos, hopefully you’ll have fun watching them!

Here’s a short video to “whet your appetite”!

How Can We Help You?

Ontario Visited has so many ways to help Ontario event visitors and tourists to learn about “What’s happening in Ontario?” Our Ontario Event Information Services and our Ontario Visited Virtual Information Series connect tourists to communities and their attractions and events. We are dedicated to “discovering” and “promotingOntario communities and simply ask the question, “How can we help you?

Please check out the below video…

The Future?

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams & Gary “Festival Nomad” McWilliams

Like many of you, we wonder about the future, our future, Ontario Visited’s future and of course, our industry’s future. So much riding on our ability to control or overcome the challenges that surround us.

As a result, we chose to stay positive and to strengthen our digital platforms, below are some of what we have done in the past year ~

  • 2 NEW Event Information Apps (developed and launched)
  • Upgraded our Ontario Visited Welcome page
  • Revised our About Us page
  • Revised our Action Video format
  • Combined a number of video series into one category ~ Discover Virtual Ontario
  • Upgraded Discover Virtual Ontario video format
  • Added 1 new Adventure Story each week
  • Created NEW fun video series ~ Where Are We? (Featuring our mascot, GIFF and his friends)
  • Upgraded 4 Ontario Visited blogs on website
  • Created several new OV Marketing opportunities, including our seasonal Partner Showcase video
  • Expanded our Ontario Visited Social Media platforms
  • Increased our Ontario Visited Social Media advertising
  • Enhanced our Corporate Marketing through videos and articles

Happy Holidays!

Judi and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Safe and Prosperous New Year!

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