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Upcoming Milverton Fairs and Events

Gospel Concert – March 16, 2024

Family Fun Fair – May 11, 2024

Tractor Pull – July 06, 2024

Fall Expo – September 14, 2024

Horse Speed Show – September 14, 2024

Happily Ever After Ball – November 09, 2024

Milverton Event - Tractor Pull

Why Support the MAS

Why Support The Milverton Agricultural Society and its events?

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”
-Helen Keller

We recognize that there are many worthwhile causes and organizations that compete for donations and volunteer hours in our community.  The Milverton Agricultural Society is a great group to support as all our activities focus on providing education, opportunities and fun to the community.

From MAS member Trevor Smith:
“Joining the Milverton Ag Society has been a very rewarding experience, although it has only been a short time.  I was asked to join the board as a representative of the agricultural business in Milverton and thought this would be a great way to give back to the community that I earn my living in.  Although I live nearly an hour away, being on the board has allowed me to find my own place in another great community where I do business, now both as a merchant and a consumer.  Meeting all the great people associated with the goings on in Milverton have made my professional job that much more enjoyable as I now know more people on a different level than just “customer”.  Joining the board also presented a new, challenging opportunity as after my first year, the board needed someone to step in as President.  I took on this responsibility as a personal challenge, learning on the fly, but it has been most rewarding as I think the last two years the board has flourished, and the Fair has either broke even or made money, the first time that occurred in recent memory.  I feel that tackling this role has helped me grow, helping me manage my time better, hold others and myself accountable and taking a leadership role on a board that I am relatively new to.  But mostly, I have realized what I am capable of and will relish the next challenges that are placed in front of me.  My short 3 years on the Milverton Ag Society have been very valuable to myself, personally and professionally.”

From Former CNE Ambassador of the Fairs Brittany Graul:
“While I have been attending the fair for as long as I can remember, I first got involved nearly 12 years ago, when I started with the local 4-H beef club. It was so exciting to bring our cattle to the fair to show off all our hard work. Ever since that experience, my involvement with the Agricultural Society has steadily grown. Growing up, I was shy, quiet and didn’t enjoy public speaking, so it came as a bit of a shock to my family when I decided to run for Fair Ambassador. I spent the year with the Ag Society and really developed my confidence, poise, speaking and interview skills- all qualities that have contributed to where I am today. With the support of the board, I felt prepared and ready for the CNE Ambassador of the Fairs competition that August. Competing against ambassadors from all over Ontario was an amazing opportunity, and winning the competition added to the experience. I credit the Ag Society for helping me develop and perfect my skills, and for shaping my confidence in front of the judges and on stage. Following that experience, I have remained with the Ag Society, taking over the Ambassador competition, and now sitting on the board. It has been great to give back to the community and organization that helped me the way it did. The confidence I have gained allowed me to compete for further titles, the most recent being crowned the 2011 Miss KW Oktoberfest. I am proud to say I couldn’t have done it without the support of the Milverton Agricultural Society.”

From Youth Volunteer Christine Chalmers:
“I have been part of the Milverton Agricultural Society (M.A.S.) since I was five years old when I went in the Milverton Fair Parade. The theme was “Corn” and my Mom and I decorated my John Deere “gator” with real corn stalks from our farm. We won first prize! I am almost twelve now and because of my involvement in M.A.S. I have had a lot of wonderful opportunities!  When I was seven, I entered the “Sweetheart of the Fair” competition.  I didn’t win but lots of people told me what a good job I had done. One of them was Murray Matheson, a director of M.A.S. who ran the Western Horse Show. He knew I had started taking riding lessons and told me if I wanted go in the Horse Show the next day, he would let me use his son’s black show horse! I was the happiest, most excited girl that ever lived! As it turned out, competing in horse shows has become my ultimate passion. I am so lucky that M.A.S. has such a great horse ring and I competing for four years in our local club and at the Fair ever since. In 2010, I entered the Fair Royalty competition once again, and this time I did win! I held the title of “Little Miss Milverton” and I got to do many wonderful things in my community. My favourite job was riding my horse at the front of the Rodeo Parade while proudly wearing my sash. I gained more confidence in meeting people and developed my public speaking skills. I know it takes a lot of volunteers and thanks to M.A.S., I have what it takes to give back!”

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