OAAS News – Schomberg Spring Fair

~ May 23rd to 26th, 2024  

The Schomberg Spring Fair is set to captivate visitors once again from May 23rd to May 26th, 2024, promising a delightful blend of agricultural exhibits, family-friendly entertainment, and delectable food offerings. This year, the fair adopts the theme “From Farm to Table,” celebrating the journey of food from its origins in the fields to the dining table.

For four days, the Schomberg Spring Fair grounds will come alive with the sights, sounds, and aromas of rural life, offering a rich tapestry of experiences for attendees of all ages. From the moment visitors step foot onto the grounds, they’ll be immersed in the vibrant atmosphere of the fair, where the unmistakable scent of freshly prepared food mingles with the sounds of laughter and excitement.

Enjoying the Schomberg Spring Fair

One of the highlights of the Schomberg Spring Fair is its showcase of agricultural excellence. Local farmers and growers proudly display their prized livestock, fruits, vegetables, and crops, giving attendees a glimpse into the hard work and dedication that goes into producing the food we enjoy every day. From towering sunflowers to plump pumpkins, the agricultural exhibits offer a feast for the eyes and a testament to the region’s agricultural heritage.

But the fair is not just about admiring the bounty of the land—it’s also about savoring it. Food vendors line the pathways, offering an array of mouthwatering treats made from locally sourced ingredients. From classic fair favorites like corn dogs and funnel cakes to gourmet delicacies featuring farm-fresh produce, there’s something to satisfy every craving. Visitors can indulge in farm-to-table cuisine while soaking in the festive atmosphere, making each meal a memorable experience.


In addition to the agricultural exhibits and culinary delights, the Schomberg Spring Fair offers a diverse lineup of entertainment options. Live music performances, carnival rides, petting zoos, and agricultural demonstrations ensure there’s never a dull moment. Families can create lasting memories as they explore the fairgrounds together, enjoying the simple pleasures of community and camaraderie.

As the sun sets on another day at the Schomberg Spring Fair, attendees depart with full hearts and satisfied appetites, already looking forward to next year’s celebration of “From Farm to Table.”

Winners at the Schomberg Spring Fair

History of Agricultural Fairs

Fairs are almost as old as recorded history. There were two types of ancient fairs: trade shows and festivals. From the biblical “Fairs of Tyre” to Sturbridge Fair in medieval England, fairs were used as market places and carnivals. In the 1700’s the British crossed the agricultural improvement society with the traditional trade fair/carnival and agricultural fairs were born.

These agricultural fairs were transplanted to the colonies by the earliest British settlers. The concept of fairs soon flourished in agrarian North America. In Canada, the first agricultural society was formed in 1765 in Nova Scotia. Ontario followed suit in 1792 with the Agricultural Society of Upper Canada based at Niagara on the Lake. From the Ontario strongholds, the concept of agricultural fairs spread west with the first settlers.

After a few false starts, the system of agricultural societies and their fairs spread all over Ontario in the 1800’s. They were organized by county and township and at one time numbered over 500 in Ontario alone. While agricultural societies used many methods (of varying success) to improve agriculture and the rural lifestyle, they’re most enduring and endearing legacy was the agricultural fair. Industrial exhibitions and festivals came and went, but the fairs just carried on. Fairs soon became an ingrained part of Ontario’s (and indeed Canada’s) culture. They still are, in our society.

Ontario Fairs have changed since their inception, but they still carry on their mandate of promoting agriculture and the rural lifestyle.

Want to see modern tradition meet the modern world? Attend a fair!

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