Ontario Re-Visited ~ History Does Matter!

From Part of an Interview with the Former Minister of Canadian Heritage

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

Ontario Visited/War of 1812 Celebrations had the pleasure of interviewing a number of Historians, re-enactors, Politicians, organizers and leaders about Canadian History. As a prelude to our interview with the Canadian War Museum, I wanted to refresh you with a discussion Ontario Visited had with The Honourable James Moore, Former Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages he stated … “The War of 1812 is a decisive event in our country’s history” …“it is important to understand as this War defined the fact of Canada. This War is especially important to remember, as it is very, very rare story line in that it was an event that was National in Consequence. Again, it defined Canada.”

Minister Moore continued to comment on some of the challenges in presenting the War of 1812 to all Canadians … “The first challenge is our physical boundaries. He stated that New Canadians are already engaged as they learn about Canada and go through courses to study to become Canadian Citizens. The second challenge is that it is important that the Quebec Story is understood. That although the War of 1812 was between the American/British and Upper Canada, there if the French Fact. The third challenge is to engage the Youth of our society and communities”

Original historic “Art Sketch” by Susan ‘Shadow’ Caron

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