Ontario Re-Visited ~ Sir Isaac Brock

One of the most famous and important figures during the War of 1812 was Major General Sir Isaac Brock. Although he died early in the War of 1812, his legacy still continues to today.

Sir Isaac Brock

Major General Sir Isaac Brock can be considered to be one of Canada’s first heroes. He was a brilliant commander who inspired the admiration and loyalty of his troops through his courage, integrity and intelligence. Although he died early in the War of 1812, he rallied Canada’s soldiers and left them with the conviction that they could overcome the American invasion.” (excerpt from the Niagara Falls Museum website)

His Legacy

Of the military leaders who emerged from the brief and bitter conflict known as the War of 1812, few have been able to carve a reputation for themselves as bold, imaginative and inspiring leaders. Isaac Brock, however, personified these qualities in a military career that spanned three decades. Yet what is known about this man who was a nemesis to his enemies, a relative unknown to the country of his birth and a hero of mythical stature in the adoptive country in which he served?(excerpt from warof1812.ca)

Brock and Chief Tecumseh

Brock met with the famous Shawnee chief Tecumseh and instantly the two men formed a close bond. “Now here is a man!” Tecumseh is reported to have declared when he learned of Brock’s intentions to carry the offensive. Despite their divergent backgrounds, the two men shared common characteristics. Both were instinctive, aggressive fighters and each earned the respect and trust of their men.” (excerpt from warof1812.ca)

Original historic “Art Sketch” by Susan ‘Shadow’ Caron

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