Ontario Re-Visited ~ Youth… Staying in the Game!

Judi ‘Scoops” McWilliams conversation with high school teacher/re-enactor, Chris Robins

Staying Engaged…

Many young people are interested in history and in “living history” through re-enacting. Some students are able to participate through their local high school programs. Mr. Robins said that many of these students continue on to study this passion and interest in higher education, moving onto college and university where these studies are available, but the fields are limited. 


Part of the challenge that high school groups have, start with students not being able to dedicate the time to participate in re-enactments due to summer employment opportunities. It is difficult for students to ask for “time off for the weekend” and they desperately need the income for their further education endeavors. Mr. Robin’s tells me some of the equipment can be costly for students. Some equipment is provided by the school and other members of Mr. Robin’s re-enactment groups, such as frock costs and muskets … however, there are costs associated with additional equipment, such as personal canteens, pants, shirts, and insurance can add up. Re-enacting is a “hobby”, but realistically there are costs. Organizers want to welcome the re-enactors to their events … one-way Chris suggests in obtaining the participants is to “feed them well, pay for the gun powder, provide port-o-potties, and adequate facilities for the groups encampments”.

Original historic “Art Sketch” by Susan ‘Shadow’ Caron

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