Ontario Re-Visited ~ War of 1812 – Blurred Vision

(Excerpt from our Inside Scoop Blog, by Judi [Scoop] McWilliams)

I have been reporting about the War of 1812 … writing articles, doing research, and posting article Blog’s with interesting interviews leaders/experts/historians/re-enactors. While visiting the internet and reading other articles posted, I have found that for each article that appears on the internet, there is quite often a subsequent article with a diametric “opinion” about the historical articles written, thus resulting in controversial topics. As you know, I reported in the past about this exact issue stating that the word “NOTION” suites this situation well. The definition of NOTION: “INSIGHT, COMPREHENSION, CONCEPT, ASSUMPTIONS, IMPRESSION, KNOWLEDGE, JUDGEMENT, OPINION, YOU’RE UNDERSTANDING.” There are articles and stories that are compelling, interesting, and controversial to some. As we continue to write about the War of 1812 and in particular the Bicentennial Celebrations, I am going to report on Expert’s opinions/notions as to their thoughts about these “controversies”. I was concerned that we might “offend” some of our Ontario Heritage website readers, but now I think that the conversation is worth the debate.

My next writings will be about some of the Expert’s opinions/notions as to their thoughts about these ongoing “Controversial issues”  “Are they even Controversial?!” … and … “Just who do you think/feel you are offending?!

Original historic “Art Sketch” by Susan ‘Shadow’ Caron

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