Toronto Explored ~ Toronto Music Garden

by Jon Law

From the Theater District to Roy Thompson and Massey Halls, music has been a integral part of Toronto for quite a long time. Tucked quietly away at the foot of Spadina is a peaceful area dedicated to music and relaxation. If you hop a streetcar at Union Station and take it a few stops west along Queen’s Quay to Spadina, you will be just a short walk from the Gardens.

This a great place to come and find some shade to sit in, wander looking for the signs that describe various music styles, or have a picnic on the amphitheater.

There are some really quiet spots with benches all throughout the gardens which provide a quick escape from the noise and rush of the area, and best of all, lots of shade to beat the heat. There are also six signs describing various music styles and their importance. If you look closely at the first photo in this article you can see the locations, but I had more fun trying to find them all without a guide. Some are easy to find, but there are a couple that take you on some nice winding paths to some curated gardens

From the shady Gardens, happy exploring.

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