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Discover the essence of Ontario with the Ontario Event Directory website and app. Your one-stop guide to the province’s vibrant community events, attractions, destinations, and cultural experiences. Explore a rich tapestry of offerings, from historical sites and museums to agricultural fairs and multicultural festivals. Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings, and let us be your passport to the diverse and exciting world of Ontario’s events and experiences.


The Ontario Event Directory website and app are open doors to all community, tourism organizations, and event organizers, offering a free platform to showcase their events and initiatives. Join us in celebrating Ontario’s rich tapestry of experiences and engage with a wider audience. Whether you’re a small community gathering or a major cultural festival, our service is here to amplify your voice and connect you with a broader audience. Explore, engage, and empower through the Ontario Event Directory.

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Ontario Event News, your premier source for up-to-date tourism and community events, keeps you informed and engaged. Our website and app ensure you’re always in the know about the latest happenings across Ontario. From local events to tourism attractions, we provide a platform for sharing and discovering news and information. Join us in celebrating the vibrant culture, heritage, and experiences that make Ontario a must-visit destination.


Ontario Event News website and app offers a free, user-friendly platform where community and tourism organizations, and event organizers can showcase their events and initiatives, call for action, and connect with a wider audience. Join us in celebrating Ontario’s vibrant culture and events while empowering communities across the province.

Stories and Videos – A Moment In Time

Ontario Visited Stories and Videos

Discover the soul of Ontario through Ontario Videos and Stories, your digital window into the heart of the province. We are your guide to exploring Ontario’s diverse communities, heritage, culture, and captivating attractions. Our website is a treasure trove of original content, including articles, photographs, and videos, all dedicated to showcasing the authentic essence of Ontario.

Uncover the rural charm of “Country Routes – From Farm to You,” delve into the past with “History in Motion – Discovering Your Roots,” embark on adventures with “Exploring and Experiencing Ontario – Your Door to Adventure,” and get practical tips with “BEE in the Know – Travel Tips.”

Join us on a journey that offers a true taste of Ontario, celebrating its beauty, culture, and unique experiences. Each story, image, and video is a testament to the rich tapestry of Ontario.