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 Ontario Visited Display Material Metrics:

At February 2024, currently our customers on average receive 34,000+ impressions per MONTH from their Display Program portion.

Depending on the program developed, the placements will contribute to these results.

*Industry cost compare $1,000 for 20,000 “impressions”.

We do not cap the program “impressions”, rather provide maximum exposure for maximum results for our customers.

One additional example of Customer results, using a Display Program along with “Visitor Experience Video Program” drew over 586,241 “impressions” from the Display Material in 12 months.

As you can see, the results often depend on the Program chosen along with the tools we utilize.

Who are our Audiences:

 Our Audiences ~ Website Statistics ~ Fluctuate Seasonally

Demographic: 18-24~10% | 25-34~25% | 35-44~35% | 45-54~15% | 55-64~11% | 65+~4%

Social Reach: 18-24~10% | 25-34~24% | 35-44~25% | 45-54~18% | 55-64~18% | 65+ 5%

Interests: Arts Culture 18.1% | Culinary 14.5% | Performing Arts Theatre 18.5% | Music 12.5% | History Heritage 13.5% | Outdoor Adventures 12.5% | Agriculture Farmers Markets Fairs 10.4%

Regional Reach: Hamilton Niagara 14% | Southwestern Ontario 13% Greater Toronto Area 18% | Durham York Headwaters Region 15% | Kawartha Northumberland 14% | Southeastern Ottawa 13% | Ottawa Valley Muskoka Northern Ontario 13%

Reach: Canadian Audience 95% | United States 3% International Audience 2%

Visitors: Ontario Visited Main Website is attracting over 390,000 visitors per month, over 1.6 million page views per month

Visitors: Ontario Visited Event Directory is attracting over 265,000 Visitors per month and over 1.4 million page views per month

Article Engagement Rate: 76% average

Corporate Google Video ADS: 3.6% Interaction Rate

Ontario Visited You Tube Channel 5.5% CTR

Current Award: “An Ontario TOP 20 YouTube Channel Websites”

USE our established Ontario Visited Website Tourism and Information Hub:

 Ontario Visited NEWS Website and APP ~ Call-to-Action with Direct Links

Connecting Visitors directly and quickly with our Customers (News items shared such as …Call for Volunteers, Sponsors, Participants, Vendors, happenings, and Visitors)

 Ontario Visited Event Directory Website and APP Call-to-Action with Direct Links

Connecting Visitors directly and quickly to our customers events and activities.

 Ontario Visited Adventure Video Story Series ~ Branding Opportunities

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