“Exploring ~ Spotlighting ONTARIO Communities and Events Since 2007″


Several years ago Judi and I started to visit Ontario festivals. Because of Judi’s artistic background and my interest in art, we tended to visit art events. Since then we have been involved in the creation and participation of several different events. Our involvement has broadened our scope considerably.

As event managers and consultants, we needed to expand our knowledge about festivals and events as much as possible. To do this we are visiting and evaluating numerous Ontario festivals, events and attractions.

Since 2007, we have been visiting Ontario festivals, events and attractions almost every weekends and sometimes during the week when possible. We have found the festivals and events that we have visited extremely interesting. We thought others would find them interesting too, so we started a Blog and placed it on our Ontario Visited website.

We hope you find the Ontario Visited website and the stories about Ontario communities including their festivals and events both interesting and informative.