Canada Aviation and Space Museum

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams You could almost say that Ottawa is the Town of Museums! I’m not how many there actually are, but there are a lot!

Of course, it’s Canada’a capital, but museums play a big part of the city and the country.

Gary and I have had the privileged of visiting and exploring a number of Ottawa’s museums, and the Canada Aviation and Space Museum was  one of the best!

As you walk into the lobby of the museum, you know that this is a place of “wonders“. The atmosphere is electrifying!

You can feel that “history” is everywhere, from the beginnings of “getting” off the ground in a “new-fangled flying machine” to zooming off into space in a “spacecraft“. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum has it all!

What is so great about this museum is that they provide visitors with both the amazement of actual aircraft but also the history behind them.

For example, Alexander Graham Bell had a great interest in aviation and co-founded the Aerial Experimental Association (AEA). The museum honors these aviation greats. As I mentioned before, the Canada Aviation and Space Museum displays a wide range of Canada’s aviation history.

From the earliest “flying machines“, to traveling in space, Canada has been in the forefront of invention and innovation!

Canada is a “nation of lakes” and has needed “float planes” and “bush pilots” helped make living in northern Canada possible. The Canada Aviation and Space Museum’s collection tells the story.

Canadian Aviation delivered mail and groceries, fought fires and rescued people!

The Museum’s collection includes “Early Aviation” and “Passenger Planes”.

Experimental planes helped Canada become leaders in the industry.

Small planes allowed regular Canadians to enjoy the thrill of flying!

Canadian planes and pilots played an important part the winning of the two World Wars.

Walking through the Museum is an amazing experience! It’s hard to imagine what life was like before the invention of that “fabulous flying machine“!

It’s even more amazing to consider what the future will bring… SPACE Travel!

Canada is playing a big part in the “Space Odyssey“. Canadians have ventured into space a number of times.

Marc Garneau was the first Canadian in Space. Roberta Bondar was the first Canadian female to venture into orbit. The Museum has a picture wall showing all of our astronauts and their accomplishments.

I was fortunate enough to meet and “be hugged” by Space Centre Commander, Chris Hadfield. The Museum has number of Chris’s Space memorabilia in its collection.

As we consider Canada’s future in “aviation” and “space“. perhaps a “view” from the “Space Centre” will show us the way!

The above article shows only a “faction” of what the Canada Aviation and Space Museum offers. Make sure you plan a visit soon.