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Brooks Farms – you can’t go wrong with a barnyard playland in spring. The animals at Brooks Farm in Mount Albert have been waiting all winter long to welcome you to their home. You will find miniature cows, chickens, ducks, geese, goats, sheep, pot belly pigs, racing pigs, rabbits and more. All the animals are watched carefully and lovingly by Norman the farm dog. When you’re done adoring the animals, visit the farm market bakery café for a treat and farm-fresh goods.

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Brooks Farms are a family run Pick-Your-Own, Farm Market and Barnyard Playland. We are open February-October and our Festivals include Maple Sugar Festival, Easter-Fest and Fall Fun Festival. Our Farm Market and Barnyard Playland is open 7 days a week May-October. Our Pick-Your-Own includes Strawberries, Raspberries, Peas, Saskatoons, Red & Black Currants, Apples and Pumpkins. We offer custom Party Packages, group visits, as well as Educational Tours February-October on a variety of topics.

Maple Syrup time at the farm

In December of 2019, just before the pandemic hit, we lost our heritage barn in a heartbreaking fire.

This was a massive loss to us as well as our business, as everything had just gone into the barn for winter storage.  Including our beloved pumpkin cannons.  Over the past 2 years, we’ve been working to put the pieces of our business back together again and revive all that was lost in the Brooks Farms barn.

So much happening atBrooks Farms

In the Fall of 2021, we finally began the process of rebuilding our barn.  In light of staying positive we feel blessed to rebuild something that is going to be just a special if not more for many generations to come.​

Our new Brooks Farms Barn is approx 6000sq ft of event space and we look forward to hosting families and events beginning Spring 2024

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About York Durham Headwaters in the Spring

Embracing the Beauty of Spring in York Durham Headwaters

As the frosty embrace of winter fades away, the York Durham Headwaters region awakens to a symphony of color and life, marking the arrival of spring. Nestled in the heart of Ontario, this picturesque region transforms into a haven for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking to embrace the season’s beauty.

One of the most enchanting aspects of spring in York Durham Headwaters is the burst of floral brilliance that adorns its landscapes. From the rolling hills of the Oak Ridges Moraine to the tranquil shores of Lake Simcoe, cherry blossoms, tulips, and daffodils paint the countryside with a palette of vibrant hues, creating a stunning backdrop for outdoor adventures.

Spring also heralds the return of a multitude of outdoor activities and events that celebrate the region’s rich heritage and natural beauty. Hiking trails come alive with the sound of birdsong and the rustle of new growth, beckoning hikers to explore the region’s lush forests and scenic vistas. Cyclists pedal along picturesque country roads, discovering hidden gems and quaint villages along the way.

For those seeking a taste of local culture and cuisine, springtime in York Durham Headwaters offers a cornucopia of delights. Farmers’ markets burst with the season’s freshest produce, while local eateries showcase the bounty of the land with farm-to-table fare and artisanal treats.

As temperatures rise, the region’s lakes and rivers become playgrounds for water enthusiasts, offering opportunities for fishing, kayaking, and leisurely boat rides. Whether exploring charming small towns, indulging in outdoor adventures, or simply immersing oneself in the natural beauty of the countryside, springtime in York Durham Headwaters is a time to rejuvenate the soul and create lasting memories amidst the splendor of the season.