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Enjoying Family Winter Picnic!

Embrace the magic of winter with a family picnic in Ontario’s snowy wonderland. Bundle up in cozy layers and venture to a scenic park where the landscape is adorned in a blanket of snow. Find the perfect spot, perhaps near a frozen pond or beneath towering evergreens. Lay out a festive blanket and unpack a hamper filled with warm comfort foods like hearty soups, sandwiches, and hot beverages in insulated flasks.

As you sip cocoa and savor seasonal treats, the crisp winter air enhances the sense of togetherness. Engage in playful snowball fights, build snowmen, or try your hand at snowshoeing, creating cherished memories with laughter echoing in the frosty air. The serene beauty of Ontario’s winter landscape becomes the backdrop for this unique family gathering, where the simplicity of a winter picnic transforms into an enchanting experience, fostering a deep appreciation for the joy that the season brings.

This may be hard to believe, but family winter picnics” are a lot of FUN! Just find a park near you with a “picnic area” and a “toboggan hill” and you’re all set for a great outside day! Just remember to dress warmly! So, pack up your picnic and the kids (and Gramma and Grampa) and have FUN!

Setting up for a family winter picnic

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It’s time to experience and enjoy a Family Winter Picnic in the breath taking wonderland of Province of Ontario!

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