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~ A Moment in Time ~

 “The Prettiest Town in Canada!”

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Over the past two years Judi and I have had the pleasure of visiting Goderich, “the Prettiest Town in Canada“. The following article combines our experiences during our visits. Our first visit was “by chance“, our second visit was “by choice“!

 Goderich Information Centre
Our first stop was Goderich’s beautiful “Tourist Information Centre“. The Centre was the forerunner of a most memorable visit! The “historic” downtown is set in a octagonal shaped traffic circle, known as “The Square“. All around the outside of The Square stand a variety of businesses, both traditional and unique. Roads running off The Square lead to a wealth of discoveries!
Goderich Restaurant
Set in the middle of The Square is Goderich’s famous Huran County Court House. Many activities take place in the Courthouse Park . An amazing stage has been erected right beside the Courthouse. The opening ceremonies the first Salt Festival took place here. 
A unique fountain stands in front of the Huron County Court House.
Each Saturday vendors from around the region set their booths in The Square’s Courthouse Park. The Goderich Farmers’ Market and Flea Market attracts hundreds of shoppers each Saturday. The Market operate from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving. Judi and I walked the Market and were impressed by scope and  quality of the vendors and their creations and goods.
Walking Goderich's Farmers' Market and Flea Market.
High on a hill that overlooks Lake Huron stands the Goderich Lighthouse. A beacon that has guided mariners for over 150 years! The Lighthouse and its small public park are located at the end of Lighthouse Street. The Lighthouse and its view are worth the visit.
Visiting the Goderich Lighthouse.
Goderich’s Deepwater Port services ships delivering and loading all kinds of goods. Approximately 250 ships dock yearly. One of the longest running traditions is the Port’s “Top Hat” ceremony. The Captain of the first ship to arrive at the Goderich Port each season is honoured at the the “Top Hat” ceremony. This Tradition has been since the early 1930’s.
Ship docked in the Goderich Deepwater Port.
The Goderich Marine Museum is located in Goderich’s harbour area. The museum is located in the wheelhouse of the “SS Shelter Bay” and is a tribute to the men and women who made their living on Lake Huron. The museum features “The Great Storm of 1913“. 
The Goderich Marine Museum located in the wheelhouse of the SS Shelter Bay.
Sandy beaches, picnic areas, play parks, parking, boardwalk are all free along the 1.5 kilometer Goderich beachfront. What an amazing settings! The Goderich beachfront is definitely a visitors paradise! There is so much to see and do! Tranquility and fun all rolled into on beautiful area!
A beach area located on Goderich's beachfront.
There are a number of “dining areas” along Goderich’s beachfront. The most visible is the Beach Street Station Restaurant. The Station is an historic CPR Station that was officially opened On September 12th, 1907.
The Beach Street Station Restaurant
2016 marks the 150th anniversary of the discovery of “salt” in the Goderich area. As a result, “salt” changed the direction of the town and, of course, its history, To celebrate this historic anniversary, the town held its first Goderich Salt Festival. Judi and I were fortunate to visit Goderich during the festival and enjoy (and learn) about the town’s “SALT” history. We even found out that there was a connect to “Walt Disney“! The story of Goderich’s “salt” journey is certainly fascinating. You can search GOOGLE to find several articles about “the journey“.
It's all about SALT!
Driving through the residential sections of Historic Goderich show both Goderich’s beauty and its history! Heritage buildings seem to dominate Goderich’s tree-lined streets.
One of the many Goderich heritage homes.
Beautiful gardens are to be see everywhere, one the best overlooks the Menesetung Bridge.
A SALT monument is surrounded by a beautiful garden.
Close to the Menesetung Bridge is the Huron Historic Gaol. The Gaol, now a National Historic Site Museum, operated from 1842 to 1972 and is famous for its unique octagonal shape. The Gaol is also the home of Canada’s last pubic hanging ~ December 7, 1869!
Huron Historic Gaol ~ a National Historic Site Museum
As the sun set over Lake Huron, Judi and I were sad to leave “the Prettiest Town in Canada“.
Judi looks out as the sun set over Lake Huron!
Judi and I thank the Town of Goderich for its beauty and for its hospitality!

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It’s time to experience and enjoy Goderich!

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