Glengarry Pioneer Museum

Glengarry Pioneer Museum
“Discover Ontario’s Celtic Roots
The quiet village of Dunvegan, in Eastern Ontario is home to the Glengarry Pioneer Museum, which opened its doors in 1962 under the auspices of the Glengarry Historical Society. Its mandate has been to preserve, maintain, interpret and promote the artifacts, records, culture and events of the pioneers who settled in the area in order to create a tangible link with the past, and to ensure that the present generation and those to come might know and appreciate the experiences of their forebears.

The Museum’s original structure started life as the MacIntosh store in the 1840s. It is this period in which it remains. Once established as a museum, eight other buildings have slowly been relocated to the site from the surrounding areas to help interpret and house its rich history.

The area in which the Museum covers is primarily Glengarry county, the oldest in what was Upper Canada, now Ontario. All artifacts, whether archival documents, photographs, objects or even oral histories are items which have some link to this area, and are predominantly from the 19th century.

Explore this site more, and make plans to visit this gem of a Museum, hidden away in beautiful, rural Glengarry.
Our Pioneer Buildings
The ten historical log and timber frame buildings at the Glengarry Pioneer Museum are artifacts unto themselves. They also hold thousands of artifacts within. On our Website, will you will find a list of the historical buildings and a little history behind each one.
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Location::1645 County Road 30, R.R.#1
Dunvegan, ON

Recurring Event: Yes

Start: 05/24/2024 / End: 09/29/2024
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