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Why Are Museums Important?

In an article published in the Huffington Post, Joan Wages, President & CEO, National Women’s History Museum and a leading advocate for integrating women’s history into American culture, said the following: “Museums ensure understanding and appreciation for various groups and cultures. They promote better understanding of our collective heritage and foster dialogue, curiosity and self-reflection. Further, they serve to help future generations comprehend their history and recognize the achievements of those who came before them.

Canadian Museum of History

Canadian Museum of History

Nestled along the picturesque shores of the Ottawa River in Gatineau, Quebec, the Museum stands as a beacon illuminating the rich tapestry of Canada’s past. Boasting a diverse array of exhibits, artifacts, and cultural narratives, the museum serves as a vital custodian of the nation’s heritage. Visitors are invited on a captivating journey through time, where the stories of Indigenous peoples, early settlers, and contemporary Canadians converge. The museum’s significance lies in its ability to foster a deep understanding and appreciation for the diverse threads that weave the fabric of Canadian identity, creating a space where history is not just observed but experienced.

Canadian History Museum

Discover Canada’s vibrant past at the Canadian Museum of History. Engaging exhibits, cultural treasures, and immersive experiences await visitors in this amazing museum!

History Museum 1st floor

The Museum, located in Gatineau Quebec, “enhances Canadians’ knowledge, understanding and appreciation of events, experiences, people and objects that reflect and have shaped Canada’s identity, and also to enhance their awareness of world history and cultures.(Canadian Museum of History Act)

Overlooks the Capital Hill

Canadians should be proud of their amazing heritage. Canadian Museums, especially this Museum, allow Canadians, young and old, to learn about themselves and their past.

Original artwork by KC (Susan) Caron

Original historic “Art Sketch” by Susan ‘Shadow’ Caron

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It’s time to experience and enjoy the Canadian Museum of History!

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