Museum of Dufferin Visited

by Judi “Scoop” McWilliams

“A Moment in Time!”

Watch for the Museum of Dufferin!

If you head north Airport Road from the GTA (Greater Toronto Area), you will eventually reach the Museum of Dufferin!

Museum of Dufferin sign

If you go by the Museum of Dufferin, you will have missed the opportunity to find out more about Dufferin County.

You will find the Museum of Dufferin on top of the hill!

You can’t miss the Museum of Dufferin building. It’s the big barn with the red roof.

The entrance to the Museum of Dufferin

If the Museum of Dufferin open when you are passing by, you should stop and take a look!

Welcome to the Museum of Dufferin

If it’s not open, you should plan a trip back to visit and explore.

Information room

There is so much to see and do at the Museum, fun and interesting for the whole family.

A fun room for the kids

The Museum specializes in the history and heritage of Dufferin County.

Scoop writing on the Museum of Dufferin wall

The ground floor of the Museum of Dufferin, especially the “kids education” area.

The Robin Hood Flour door

The rest of the ground floor is dedicated to telling the stories of Dufferin County.

Dufferin County mementos

Throughout this area, there are lots of Dufferin County mementos.

More mementos

On the perimeter walls of the Museum of Dufferin,  there are large photographs of the people who helped form the “sole” of the County.

Model T Ford

In the interior, there’s a log cabin!

Log Cabin

The inside of the cabin shows how life was in “days gone by“.

antique writing desk at the Museum of Dufferin

It’s interesting to see how life was back then!

Log Cabin bedroom

Back in the “old days“, the County didn’t abide by “evil spirits” (booze).

Museum of Dufferin, the clash between "Temperance and Temptation".

The Whiskey Business was big (hidden) business back then.

The Museum of Dufferin "whiskey bar"

But some in the County didn’t want it, so…

Temperance and Temptation sign

… “temperance and temptation” were words to “live by“!

Cornflower glass exhibit

Yes, plenty to see on the ground floor, but what about the second floor?

The second floor is all about Cornflower glass

I think that the second floor sums up the history of “Cornflower Glass“.

The Museum of Dufferin shows off its collection of Cornflower glass

The exhibit shows just how versatile Cornflower Glassware is.

Beautiful and impressive glassware

And, why it’s so collectible.

Back on th ground floor of the Museum of Dufferin

Back downstairs we take another look at all the displays.

Quaint sign

The sign of the counter said “On this site in 1881 nothing happened” but that certainly can’t be said for now!

Back outside

We would have enjoyed exploring the “Silo Exhibit“, but it was closed during our visit.

The MoD

We’ll be back!

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It’s time to experience and enjoy the Museum of Dufferin!

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