Northumberland Scottish Festival & Highland Games – Early Bird Tickets on Sale

“Port Hope Agricultural Park – June 14th & 15th, 2024”

Port Hope, ON – Just a reminder that it’s May and our early bird tickets are on sale until the end of the month. Spend $15 and get a full day’s worth of Celtic entertainment! Get your tickets online or in person at Hepburn Jewellers in Port Hope or Nessie’s British Shop in Cobourg.

Early Bird Ticket on sale


History of the Cobourg Highland Game (Part One)

(now the Northumberland Scottish Festival and Highland Games)


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Our Founder, Davey Carr on the right

Since the earliest days of its settlement, the lands within and around Cobourg, and indeed across the nation itself, have been home to courageous Scots Exiles seeking their fortunes in the New World. From early explorers, soldiers and settlers, to politicians, ministers and men of business, the steady hand of the Scots can more clearly be seen in Canada than in any other country on earth outside of Scotland itself.

And wherever they went, they took their love of music and dance, drink and battle tests with them…and called it The Highland Games.