Palmerston Ontario Visited

~ A Moment in Time ~

Gary McWilliams
by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Our visit to Palmerston brought back memories of my “youth“!

Entering Palmerston Ontario

Entering Palmerston, no, it wasn’t all the snow.

Palmerston Farmers' Market

And, it wasn’t their Farmers’ Market.

Into the downtown

I’ll tell you what it was shortly. In the meantime, we reached the downtown area.

wall murals

Like most rural communities, Palmerston’s downtown caters to local residents and the surrounding farm community.

Palmerston downtown

Shops and restaurants lined the main street.

Palmerston church

Soon other buildings came into view.

Winter snow pile

And then, there it was! No, not the Palmerston Water Tower that was almost hidden by a huge snow pile!

old number 81!

It was “old Number 81chugging down the track!

Palmerston railroad history

That was when my “youthful” memories click in!

train trestle

You see, I grew up in Toronto when “Steam Engines” were still running.

Photo of train number 81

There were a large number of railway tracks leading in and out of downtown Toronto (there still are!).

wall mural

Trains, pulling by steam engines, travel along these tracks.

Crossing Guard and Hut Sign circa 1945

My father use to take me to the Bathurst Street bridge, where the trains passed under.Palmerston business building

We’d stand on the bridge for long periods waiting for a train to pass.

railroad history

When the train did pass under, the smoke (steam) would come up and encase us for a few moments. The experience for a young man was very exciting!

CNR Park entrance

Palmerston is the home of the Palmerston Railway Heritage Museum.

CNN Park

The Museum is housed in the only original railway station left in Wellington County.

Palmerston railroad wall murals

It is a tribute to both the Grand Trunk Railway and the Canadian National Railway.

Palmerston Lions Heritage Park

In fact, there is a whole Heritage Park dedicated to the preservation of “Railway History“.

Trestle over Heritage Park

It is a wonderful tribute to the town of Palmerston and its residents that they are maintaining this part of Canada’s amazing railway history!

Palmerston community building

I can’t wait to return to Palmerston to explore more of Canada’s rail history. Perhaps I’ll hear the “far off”  whistle of “old Number 81” as it chugs off to some “exciting Canadian adventure

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It’s time to experience and enjoy Palmerston!

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