Toronto Zoo Things to Do 2024

Toronto Zoo Things to Do 2024
Be sure to check out the Toronto Zoo for your ongoing adventures and experiences!
Here is a taste of Some of the Things to Do at the Toronto Zoo …
Toronto Zoo’s Serengeti Bush Camp
The sun sets over the African Savanna. The buzz of crickets is briefly dulled by the roar of distant lions. We stroll along the trails, ever watching for a glimpse of the diverse wildlife. The stars appear and light our way as we brave the Serengeti night and return to camp. The flames of the campfire dance as stories of the day’s adventure are told

How will your adventure unfold? Come to the Toronto Zoo’s Serengeti Bush Camp to experience the wildlife of our African Savanna and Rainforest Pavilion, enjoy evening activities, campfire tales, and the chance to sleep under the stars in our authentic African tents.

Join us on the Zoomobile for a convenient way to get around the Zoo! Enjoy an engaging commentary about your Zoo and the natural world as the Zoomobile takes you to several designated stops that you can hop on or off at throughout the day. You may also see some of your favourite animals along the way!

Conservation Carousel
Carousels are timeless and fun for all ages! Enjoy the nostalgia of your childhood on our Conservation Carousel as you hop on, choose a unique animal seat and whirl around on this magical ride!
Located in the Main Entrance Courtyard

Conservation Carousel
The Carousel is equipped with a ramp and seating area where one standard-sized wheelchair can be secured onto the ride. Please speak with a ride operator if you require the use of the accessible entrance gate and/or ramp.

TundraAir Ride
Soar through the air on the newest Toronto Zoo ride! Tundra Air Ride goes up to speeds of 48 km/hr, seats 1 or 2 people and takes you to new heights as you fly over the Zoo’s award-winning Tundra Trek. This ride is one you will want to experience over and over as it gives you a different view from the top every time with a beautiful panoramic look at the Zoo.
Located at the entrance to the Tundra Trek
Please note: While our Kids Zoo is partially open, the Playground section remains closed at this time. Guests will have access up to a certain point only. Thank you for your understanding.
Weather Permitting
Free with Zoo Admission

Discover the Fun at our KidsZoo!
Get ready for an exciting adventure with our four-legged friends at the KidsZoo. Experience unique photo opportunities as kids pop up inside a plexiglass bubble, coming face-to-face with an adorable skunk. Dig for dinosaur artifacts, slide down our thrilling two-story tree house slide, and enjoy bird watching in our giant aviary. Engage in close-up animal encounters, play leap frog, and so much more! The KidsZoo is a special place where kids can have fun while learning about Canadian habitats.
Open Daily
Free with Zoo Admission

The Toronto Zoo Greenhouse boasts plants from all over the world, arranged biogeographically. We grow these plants for browse, furniture, and aesthetics. The first half of the Greenhouse is primarily browse, for our insect collection here at the Zoo.

The second half of the Greenhouse has tables set up with plants from Africa, Indomalaya, Australia, America’s, as well as pollinator plants for our butterflies in Malayan Woods, and cactus/succulents used in displays and planters around the Zoo. Each table has a label indicating what is found on that table, or it corresponds to the window decal immediately above the table.

Check out the ‘We’re in Bloom’ table where we highlight plants currently blooming in the Greenhouse; and our propagation table, where seedlings, and cuttings are grown for future use in pavilions, and gardens around site.
There of course are tons more to check out.
Please note many of the activities are subject to change without notice depending on weather, maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances. Ride may also be closed unexpectedly due to maintenance or operational requirements.

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Toronto, Ontario

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Start: 01/01/2024 / End: 12/31/2024
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