Thornbury Ontario Visited

~ A Moment in Time! ~

by Gary McWilliams (aka Festival Nomad)

Downtown Thornbury shops line Bruce Street. Visitors and residents alike explore and discover what each unique store has to offer. Coffee and goodies are available during the “search“! After the “exploring” is over, visitors can awaken their taste buds at one of the many local restaurants! 

Stately homes in Thornbury
Thornbury is a combination of older stately home, large private residents and numerous condominium properties. 
Yes, it does “snow” in Thornbury, sometimes lots of snow!. The difference between Thornbury snow and many southern Ontario communities is that our “snow” stays enjoyable! It’s hard to explain unless you’ve lived in both environments, but having lived in both, I prefer Thornbury’s winter snow!
The Georgian Trail in winter
The Georgian Trail runs eastward from Collingwood, through Thornbury, to Meaford. The Trail is one of the many trail that are traveled by visitors to the Georgian Bay area.
The Beaver River running out to Georgian Bay.
The Beaver River flows northwards towards the waters of Georgian Bay. On its downward journey, it runs through Clarksburg and then onto Thornbury. Before it reach Georgian Bay, it passes over the Thornbury Fish Ladder.
The Thornbury Harbour and Marina really comes alive in the summer-time. Boaters of all “stripes” moor their boats there, Sail and motor boats share the harbour equally.
Coming into the Thornbury harbour
Gary and I love to go down to the harbour to watch as the boats (sail and motor) leave and enter the harbour.
One of  Thornbury's waterfront park
One of my favourite passtimes is to visit one of Thornbury’s waterfront parks. In the summer, Gary and I set up our folding chairs and relax as the sounds of the water lap the shore. While there, I’ll walk the beach looking for perfect stones to paint on! 
Waves on Georgian Bay
You never know what to expect! One day Georgian Bay can be as smooth as glass (not often) and another day the furry of the waves crash heavily against the Thornbury shores. It doesn’t matter what the season is, the waves have a mind of their own and play their own tune! Watching them and listening to them is truly “magical“!
Beaver River in the fall
It’s fall in Thornbury and eager fishermen and women flock to Thornbury and line the shores of the Beaver River to catch “The Big One“. The Chinook Salmon run the river from late August to late October.
The Georgian Peaks in the winter
The winter season brings skiers and snowboarders to Thornbury. Many own or rent home so that they can enjoy the full season! The Georgian Peaks offers its members private skiing, while the Blue Mountain Resort is open to everyone.
Canada Day in Thornbury
If you are in Thornbury on Canada Day, you can watch the parade twice! One Canada Day, Gary and I traveled to Clarksburg for the start of the Clarksburg/Thornbury Canada Day parade. While in Clarksburg we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and the start of the parade. Once the parade had started, we “raced” to Thornbury’s downtown to watch the parade again as it march downwards. What a great day… Welcome to Thornbury!

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It’s time to experience and enjoy Thornbury!

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